Food and drink

Scotland leads the way in Europe for food production, food manufacture, food and drink research and food technology.

£14 billion value

Scotland’s food and drink industry is worth around £14 billion each year to Scotland’s economy

18,850 companies

Scotland has 18,850 food and drink businesses, which employ over 115,000 people

£30 billion Target by 2030

It’s an ambitious sector, with plans to grow to £30 billion by 2030 and double food exports to £3 billion

Premium products, passionate producers

Boasting clear, clean, mountain waters, unpolluted air, and a fertile and dramatic landscape, Scotland champions the provenance of its premium products, and the skills of our talented and passionate food and drink producers.

The food and drink industry is a major contributor to Scotland’s economy. It is worth around £14 billion each year and accounts for one in five manufacturing jobs. Scotland has 18,850 food and drink businesses, which employ over 115,000 people.

It’s an ambitious sector, with plans to grow to £30 billion by 2030 and double food exports to £3 billion.

A selection of Scottish cheeses and dips on a wooden cheese board © ViistScotland/Luigi di Pasquale

World-leading innovation

Our world-leading innovation keeps Scotland at the forefront of global consumer trends. With specialist colleges, universities and world-class research facilities where scientists and food producers work in a spirit of collaboration to find new and innovative products for today’s discerning consumers.

Who's already in Scotland?

With so much to offer, it's no wonder Scotland has drawn so many global industry names:

  • ABI
  • Arla Foods
  • Clearwater Seafoods
  • Coca-Cola
  • Diageo
  • DSM
  • Kerry Ingredients
  • Nestle
  • Marine Harvest
  • Pernod Ricard
  • Pepsico
  • Quaker Oats
  • Suntory
  • Tchibo

Producing the best 

The world's finest ingredients speak for themselves.

From our farmers and fishermen to our processors and producers, the whole Scottish supply chain works to deliver the finest quality food and drink. After all, when you work with some of the world’s best raw ingredients, you want them to speak for themselves.

Our producers take pride in their skills, with many proud to put their family name to their products. With well-developed supply chains, and a thriving export sector, our producers like to meet and deal, face-to-face, with their customers. They are the best ambassadors for Scotland and its rich and varied larder.

Chef plating fish dish - Photo: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam

A healthy future 

With a larder full of high quality ingredients, rich in grains, iron-rich vegetables and oily fish, Scotland is well placed to play a leading role in the health and wellness food revolution. A new generation of Scottish producers, food technologists and chefs are improving the way the world eats.

With the health food market expected to be worth an additional £685 million to Scotland by 2019, our food industry is leading the way to a healthier tomorrow.

With a compelling story to tell around provenance, quality and taste, it is easy to see how the world regards Scotland as a Land of Food and Drink. We would be delighted if you were part of that story.

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