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Juan Cabrerizo, Spanish national, living and working in Scotland

Juan Cabrerizo moved from Spain to Scotland in 2018. He works as a Software Engineer in Edinburgh. Read his full story and learn why he enjoys living and working here.

Hola! I’m Juan.

I've always wanted to move to the UK. When the perfect opportunity arrived, I left my hometown and moved to Scotland. It was the best decision I ever made.

Why work in Scotland?

Staying in the UK was on my to-do list for years. Luckily for me, when I was 35 and I had almost discarded the idea, I received an opportunity I didn't want to ignore. I quit my job at the Santander Bank in my hometown and moved to Scotland.

I currently work for an incredible company as a Software Engineer. I’m growing every day while I work with international companies in key sectors, helping them in their core IT infrastructure management.


Juan Cabrerizo, Software Engineer living in Edinburgh

Living in Scotland

Scotland has been very friendly to me. The people here are more open than in any other European city I know. What first caught my eye was how proud they are of the history of their cities and how they are conserved.

The countryside, lochs, mountains, are amazing, but so are the urban parks, natural forests, and city hills. I'm always surprised by the beauty when I walk around Edinburgh.

I believe Edinburgh is a good place to live for a family in a healthier way than it is in Spain, and this could probably be extended to all Scotland.

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