About us and how we can help

As Scotland’s trade and inward investment agency, we aim to help more businesses from around the world do business in or with Scotland. If you’re an overseas business looking to set up in Scotland or source Scottish products or services, we can help.

What is Scottish Development International?

Scottish Development International is Scotland’s trade and foreign direct investment agency. Our aim is to encourage and support more overseas businesses to set up a location here, invest in Scottish businesses or buy high quality Scottish products and services.

We do this by providing information, partnering with businesses and investors who want to set up or invest here, and helping businesses find the connections they need.

Support to set up your business in Scotland

Connecting you to opportunities 

We’ve already helped thousands of companies to realise their ambitions in Scotland, so you can be assured of our support before, during and after you locate in Scotland.

We’ll connect you to the right people, in the right place and at the right time, to ensure that you get your Scottish operations up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

We can help with:

Property searches and advice

Find the right facilities and get help with feasibility studies and procurement.

Academic connections

Connect your company to Scottish universities and colleges to access cutting-edge innovation and exceptional talent.

Supply chain development

Help identifying the partners and suppliers that can help your business thrive.

Link to intermediaries

Connect you to the business professionals who help you set up in Scotland.

Talent, recruitment and skills advice

Help research, identify and recruit the people with the skills and experience you need.

Flexible workforce development

Provide access to flexible training support and courses available to support staff development needs.

Links to business networks

Connect you to local and global business networks.

Business support and advice

Access dedicated advisers who will understand your business, help develop your strategy and signpost you to the right support.

Financial support

Provide advice on financial support that may be available to locate or expand your business in Scotland.

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"The support we’ve received from the Scottish Government, the links with The Data Lab, and our connections with Scottish universities are all essential elements for Previse’s growth. We are poised to scale up. Quite simply, Scotland has the right ecosystem to nurture a company like Previse."

David Brown, co-founder and chief product officer at Previse

Trade with Scotland

Find Scottish suppliers

We can also help businesses around the world access the huge range of high quality products and services offered in Scotland.

Whether you’re looking to import our top-quality products – from whisky and salmon to cutting-edge tech – access our professional services or use our specialised expertise so we can help you find the suppliers you need.

Find out more about trading with Scotland

Interested in setting up in Scotland or trading with Scotland? Find out how we can help you.

Other opportunities for you and your business

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Other ways we can help

Our partners and networks

We can connect you to other government agencies, academic bodies, suppliers, industry organisations, innovation centres and our network of GlobalScots.

Expand your business in Scotland

Once you’re set up here, our support and the support from our partners doesn’t end there. Find out more about the ongoing support and opportunities available to help you expand.

Our global offices

Want to explore the benefits of investing in or trading with Scotland? Find all the support and guidance you need. Contact our local staff from one of our international offices near you. 

Get in touch with our team of advisers to find out how we can help you.