Infrastructure and connectivity

Looking for an investment location with excellent transport links and first-class digital connectivity? Think Scotland.

Scotland's infrastructure investment

Providing a safe, efficient, effective and sustainable transport system, for both passengers and freight, sits at the heart of Scotland’s international strategy - one that better serves global markets, strengthens our trade links and develops sustainable economic growth.

Scotland has benefited from over £20 billion investment across trunk roads, rail, buses, ferries and air services as well as active travel - connecting tourism, business and communities better than ever before. This included delivery of the:

A trio bridges, over the Firth of Forth - The Forth Rail Bridge, Forth road Bridge and, Queensferry crossing. Photo credit - VisitScotlad/Stuart Brunton

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Support for cleaner cities

The Scottish Government is backing further investment in strategic infrastructure projects that will continue to support Scotland’s economy over the next 20 years.

For example, the introduction of Low Emission Zones in four cities – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee – will encourage investment in cleaner transports technologies and Smart Cities.

Investment opportunities

Scotland is open for business and ready to share opportunities with you to invest in large scale infrastructure and real estate projects.

We can connect you to the right people and assist and support you throughout the investment process. We give you access to our innovation and investment hubs and global support network.

Green and capital investment opportunities in Scotland

Colleagues at our Mission Lab 2019

Leading the transition to a net zero economy 

Scotland remains the best-placed country in Europe to realise Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) on a commercial scale. Nearly £1.6 billion is being committed by the Scottish Government to drive Scotland's green recovery:   

  • Helping industrial and manufacturing sectors decarbonise, grow and diversify  
  • Reducing waste and improving recycling to drive a thriving circular economy  
  • Supporting green jobs  
  • Transforming heat and energy efficiency of buildings  

More about renewable energy and low carbon tech in Scotland

Image of commercial subsea engineering testing at at Oceanlab: the subsea research facility of the University of Aberdeen.

Clean transport

Scotland is at the forefront of markets in ultra-low emission vehicles:

  • Investing £15 million to expand Scotland’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network 
  • Investing in platforms to support testing and demonstration facilities 
  • Upscaling opportunities across emerging hydrogen transport markets 
  • Supporting research and development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) or driverless cars 

More about Scotland's low carbon transport

Electric vehicle - Photo by Mike from Pexels

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