Infrastructure and Connectivity

International air links

Scotland's five main airports have international flights that connect millions of passengers to around 150 destinations worldwide, and these routes are growing year by year.

Road and rail investment

Around £2.7 billion is being invested in major road infrastructure, increasing access across the whole of Scotland and the UK. It takes just 45 minutes to get from Glasgow to Edinburgh by train, and more improvements will see the addition of 200 trains and 200,000 seats across the whole of the Scottish network.

Need to get to the UK capital? Direct rail journeys to London can take as little as 4.5 hours with speedy connections to other UK cities available too. And there's an average of 100 flights to London each day.

Scotland's seaports

Scotland's seaports handle international cargo, warehousing and distribution, passenger ferries, and offshore oil and gas services. There are seven major, fully-operational deep-water ports in Scotland and frequent ferry services connect with Europe, Ireland and Scotland's island communities.

Digital connectivity

Beyond our transport links, Scotland's digital connectivity infrastructure is growing in strength. By 2021, 100% of Scottish premises will be covered by a 5G network. And all seven major cities in Scotland are working to become Smart Cities. This will improve urban congestion, maximise energy efficiency, enhance public safety, help improve air quality and traffic flow, and cut pollution.

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