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People walk across a footbridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow in bright Spring sunshine

Career opportunities in Scotland

When it comes to job opportunities, Scotland has something for everyone. If you’ve got the expertise, our growing industries could have the career for you. Find out how you can use your skills in Scotland.

Discover Scotland's job sectors

Energy Transition


Scotland has an exciting future in hydrogen and you could be a part of it. Look no further if you’re passionate about renewables and excited by unique opportunities.

Green heat

Passionate about the planet? Look to Scotland to kickstart an exciting career in our low carbon heat industry and explore our diverse range of career opportunities.

Energy transition

As a global energy hub, full of opportunities across offshore wind, hydrogen, green heat and the decarbonisation of industry and transport, join Scotland and help us change the world.

Offshore wind

Home to the largest floating offshore wind market in the world, be a part of Scotland’s buzzing hive of offshore wind activity.

Software and IT


Explore a career in Scotland’s thriving software industry at one of 9400 software companies at the forefront of innovative product and service development across a wide range of markets.  

Cyber security

Did you know that Scotland is ranked among the top 30 countries and cities for digital connectivity? It’s the place to be to develop a dynamic, rewarding career in cyber security. 


Scotland is a leader within the data industry, making it the perfect place to grow your career and become part of a dynamic ecosystem.

Video games

Scotland has been leading on gaming innovation for over 25 years and there’s no signs of us slowing down. Find out more about being part of a culture of creativity and game-changing work.

Digital financial services


Scotland’s fintech sector boasts an international profile with some of the best expertise in Europe, making it the perfect place to broaden your skill set. 

Financial services and fintech

In financial services and fintech, all roads lead to Scotland, so it’s no surprise there is an abundance of opportunities. 

Health tech

Medical technologies

As medtech continues to grow in Scotland, so do opportunities to be involved in life-changing work. From diagnostics to bioengineering within our cutting-edge facilities, there’s something for everyone.

Life sciences

Join one of the most cutting edge, well-connected and collaborative life sciences clusters in Europe, full of cutting-edge innovators and ambitious start-ups, scale-ups and everything in between.

Digital health and care

Explore Scotland’s vibrant digital health & care sector, which is overflowing with organisations, industries, networks and like-minded people who are passionate about making a difference. 



Scotland is home to the fastest growing space sector in the UK. It’s brimming with opportunity and world-class capability – the ideal place to take your career to the next level.

  • Software and IT

    The software and IT sector includes:

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