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Setting up your business

Find guidance on setting up a business in Scotland, including information on choosing a location, accessing talent, taxes, laws, insurance, immigration and more.

How we can help

Our guidance and support begins at the planning stage and carries on through setup, development, and the day-to-day running of your business. We’ll help you find investment opportunities, access funding, find the right location and premises, and contact potential partners.

Set up a business in Scotland

Scotland is the perfect place to locate your business. Find out more and get practical guidance on setting up a business in Scotland.

How to set up a company in Scotland

When you set up a business in Scotland, you'll need to consider which company structure to use. It's important you choose the right structure for your business.

Choosing your business location

Scotland offers the best locations for your business to thrive in industries like financial services, life sciences, energy and more. Find guidance on choosing the right location for your business needs.

Employment law, regulations and policies

As a business in Scotland, you need to consider specific requirements outlined by employment laws, regulations and policies. Find out more in this guide.

Business laws and regulations

As a business in Scotland, you need to consider specific requirements and laws around various aspects of business, including health and safety, advertising, data protection and bribery. Find out more about these laws to make sure your business stays within regulations.

Accessing talent

TalentScotland supports companies, investors and entrepreneurs considering Scotland as a location, to attract and retain skilled international talent. Discover information and guidance on the UK immigration and visa system.

Business tax

At 19%, Scotland and the rest of the UK have the lowest corporation tax rate of any G7 country. Find out about tax requirements and competitive rates for your business.

Professional and legal advice

Professional advice can be invaluable when you're setting up your business. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland and the Law Society of Scotland can help advise you on tax, legal and insurance requirements.

ACCA Glasgow office at 110 Queen Street

National minimum wage and salaries

Salaries in Scotland vary according to the type of work, the sector and where the job is located. The National Minimum Wage is the minimum rate you must pay your employees.

Immigration and visas

Scotland is governed by the same visa rules and legislation as the rest of the UK. There are different types of visa and immigration requirements to consider if you want to relocate to or invest in Scotland. You can get help from Scotland's Migration Service.

Living in Scotland

Scotland is the place to enjoy an excellent quality of life, low cost of living, and a creative and collaborative business culture. A progressive country that's equal, tolerant, inclusive, and feels like home

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