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We'll connect you to the right people, in the right place and at the right time. We support the building of partnerships and collaborations and our connections provide a powerful business network. With access to both the private and public sector and supply chain companies, we can help you make the right connections for your business to flourish in Scotland.

Public sector services

Industry contacts

Academia and research

Government economic agencies

Our public sector economic agencies – Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and South of Scotland Enterprise – can offer local expertise and guidance to help you get set up, as well as ongoing support once you’re here.

This can include:

  • Funding for R&D, exporting, improving productivity and more
  • Advice about exporting, training, efficiency and growth
  • Access to resources, templates and market research
  • Business events and webinars

Business support at Scottish Enterprise

Business support at Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Business support at South of Scotland Enterprise

Skills Development Scotland 

Scotland’s national skills agency, Skills Development Scotland, helps businesses around the world discover what Scotland’s talent can do for them – before, during and after you locate to Scotland.

Access to a suitably skilled workforce will be one of the primary considerations in your planned growth and investment strategy.  Scotland's education and skills system is both flexible and responsive to ensure our people have the right skills for you at the right time.

Get tailored support to help identify your skills needs and how best to meet them, including:

  • How to attract the new recruits your business needs now
  • How to find the best college and university graduates
  • Establishing a vocational work-based learning programme to sustain your business in the future

There are opportunities to help shape Scotland’s skills system, engage with young people in our schools, and take on apprentices so you can grow your own talent.

Find out how Scotland's digital talent can benefit your business

TalentScotland – international recruitment support

Once you’re in Scotland, you’ll of course have access to our extremely talented workforce. But thanks to TalentScotland, you won’t be restricted to just the talent you can find in Scotland. With international connections to talented workers across the globe, TalentScotland can help you:

  • Access skilled workers already considering Scotland as a career destination
  • Get guidance and support on employing international talent
  • Promote your business and jobs internationally

How TalentScotland can help you access overseas talent

GlobalScot network

Our worldwide network of entrepreneurial and inspirational business leaders can help your business in Scotland thrive and become more profitable in international markets. GlobalScot provides business and leadership support, as well as valuable industry insight.

Find out more about GlobalScot

Industry bodies and suppliers

Our teams have in-depth knowledge of the different industries in Scotland, meaning we can help you make connections with industry bodies, suppliers and other businesses. These connections can be vital in helping you get set up and access the network of support and services available.

Ask us about finding contacts with industry

Universities and colleges

In Scotland, academia, industry and government work closely together to support economic growth and innovation. In fact, many of our innovation centres and centres of excellence include or are situated near universities, colleges and research centres. As a result, there are more university spinouts in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK, including London.

If you need to access the expertise, facilities or graduates that universities can offer, we can help you make the right connections.

Ask us about contacts with universities and colleges

Innovation centres and centres of excellence

These centres facilitate collaborations between universities, businesses and research institutes, powering Scotland’s commitment to invention and discovery in our key economic sectors. A total of £110 million has been committed for the innovation centre programme up to 2018. 

More about Scotland’s research collaborations

Industry events and webinars

Networking events and inward trade missions are an ideal platform to engage with potential Scottish partners and make new connections to grow your business.

Scottish Enterprise and its partners run various dynamic events throughout the year (currently online), where you can engage with Scottish businesses around a specific objective. These are a great way to make connections and build your network.

Opportunities in Scotland webinars

Business events at Scottish Enterprise

Getting to know Scotland

We’re known for being a dynamic and inclusive nation, our people are friendly, passionate and innovative, we boast a fantastic cultural programme and enjoy a great work-life balance. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that millions of people from all over the world choose to visit, live, study, work and invest in Scotland.

We work with the Scottish Government, VisitScotland, and Universities Scotland to tell the authentic story of Scotland as a bold and positive country, rich in history and heritage but forging forward in a way that is progressive, pioneering and inclusive.

Scotland is a country that is challenging new thinking, inviting new investment, creating new opportunities, supporting new industry and driving technology that embraces humanity around the globe. Discover the stories that make Scotland the place to be – to visit, live, work, study and invest...

Scotland is now

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Once you’re set up here, our support and the support from our partners doesn’t end there. Find out more about the ongoing support and opportunities available to help you expand.

Our global offices

We’ve got offices in 30 locations around the world. Working with our local contacts in your area means you can get direct support from someone who understands your business and needs.

Trade with Scotland

Looking to buy Scottish good and services? We can connect you to companies in science and technology, energy and low carbon companies and consumer industries.

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