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Aerial view of Glasgow City Centre financial district

Infrastructure and connectivity

Scotland provides your business with excellent transport links and first-class digital connectivity as an investment location. Our joined up infrastructure creates the foundation for your organisation to benefit from accessible support networks across high growth sectors. These include space, software & IT and energy transition together with consumer industries and science and technology.

Scotland's infrastructure investment

Scotland has benefited from over £20 billion investment across trunk roads, rail, buses, ferries and air services as well as active travel - connecting tourism, business and communities better than ever before. This included delivery of the:

The Scottish Government is backing further investment in strategic infrastructure projects that will continue to support Scotland’s economy over the next 20 years. For example, the introduction of Low Emission Zones in four cities – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee – will encourage investment in cleaner transports technologies and Smart Cities.

Our transport and connectivity infrastructure

We recognise the vital importance of a strong international air route network that connects businesses in Scotland to their customers worldwide.

Scotland has enjoyed significant growth in international air routes over the past 10 years. Scheduled and charter services connect business and visitors all year round.

Scotland's five main airports have international flights that connect millions of passengers to destinations worldwide. New services continue to be added to the Scottish network. 

Around £2.7 billion is being invested in major road infrastructure, increasing access across the whole of Scotland and the UK. It takes just 45 minutes to get from Glasgow to Edinburgh by train, and more improvements will see the addition of 200 trains and 200,000 seats across the whole of the Scottish network. 

Need to get to the UK capital? Direct rail journeys to London can take as little as 4.5 hours with speedy connections to other UK cities available too. And there's an average of 100 flights to London each day. 

Scotland’s transport network supports over £80 billion of trade. Most of that trade is transported by road and sea. Our road freight exports largely to destinations in England, while our seaports carry most of the volume of our international exports. 

Scotland's seaports handle international cargo, warehousing and distribution, passenger ferries, and offshore oil and gas services. There are seven major fully operational, deep-water ports in Scotland and frequent ferry services connect with Europe, Ireland and Scotland's island communities. 

5G capability

It's estimated that by enhancing 5G capability, Scotland has the potential to add £17 billion to its GDP by 2035 and create 160,000 new jobs

Working with other digital technologies, 5G can also help us respond to the climate emergency – whether it’s creating smart energy grids, reducing waste of resources or improving efficiency of equipment.

The Scotland 5G Centre opens in a new window, a partnership between industry, academia and government, will ensure Scotland moves forward quickly on 5G adoption and innovation.

The Centre will be Scotland’s national platform for collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing across all aspects of 5G from research to delivery and exploitation.

Read more about Scotland's 5G strategy opens in a new window on the Scottish Government website.

5G coverage is currently available in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and soon in Aberdeen, as well as smaller towns including Hamilton and Paisley.

Smart cities

Furthermore, all seven major cities in Scotland are working to become Smart Cities. This will improve urban congestion, maximise energy efficiency, enhance public safety, help improve air quality and traffic flow, cut pollution and boost wellbeing.

Read more about Scotland's Smart Cities opens in a new window on the Scottish Cities Alliance website.

Investment opportunities

Scotland is open for business and ready to share opportunities with you to invest in large scale infrastructure and real estate projects.

We can connect you to the right people and assist and support you throughout the investment process. We give you access to our innovation and investment hubs and global support network.

Green and capital investment opportunities in Scotland 

Leading the transition to a net zero economy

Scotland is a leader in creating a globally competitive energy transition to offshore wind, hydrogen and clean heat. Our commitment to being net zero by 2045 includes:

  • Financial support for energy companies and networks to develop their supply chains to secure new markets and contracts
  • Helping SMEs, university spin outs and entrepreneurs to diversify into renewable energy
  • Enabling Scotland to become a leading producer and exporter of hydrogen products for use in the UK and in Europe
  • Initiatives to help create sustainable green jobs

More about renewable energy and low carbon tech in Scotland  

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Clean transport

Scotland is at the forefront of markets in ultra-low emission vehicles:

  • Investing £15 million to expand Scotland’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network
  • Investing in platforms to support testing and demonstration facilities
  • Upscaling opportunities across emerging hydrogen transport markets
  • Supporting research and development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) or driverless cars

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