Cyber security

With cutting-edge research, a joined-up tech innovation ecosystem and a vibrant digital tech community, Scotland is the natural choice for cyber security.

Did you know?

Scotland is big on developing cyber security solutions to help governments, businesses and organisations around the world stay ahead of potential risks.

Global pioneers

Abertay University in Dundee was the world’s first university to offer an ethical hacking degree.

Fast-growing community

The number of innovative and agile cyber security companies that call Scotland home increased 300% between 2017 and 2019.

UK leaders

The UK’s first MSc in fintech was launched in Scotland by the University of Strathclyde in 2017.

Digital solutions to real life challenges

Scotland - the right choice for cyber security

Today, cyber security is no longer a luxury but a necessity. How do we keep ourselves safe now, in a rapidly evolving digital landscape? And how do we ensure the security of future digital innovation and support the evolution of new business models?

Scotland has created a unique environment that recognises the importance of the issue, from the highest levels in government to future generations who are still in the classroom.

Scotland’s smart cyber security solutions can help meet future needs. Whether that's protecting critical infrastructure, keeping communications networks secure and protecting financial services to enabling the secure use of health data to improve wellbeing.

Why Scotland is the smart and secure location for cyber security

Join a community of cyber security experts

As the world continues to be increasingly driven by technology, Scotland’s reputation for innovation makes it an ideal location for development, testing and implementation – no matter where you set up. Scotland’s long-standing strength in both the financial services and digital tech sectors means we are ahead of the pack when it comes to cyber security.

While Edinburgh leads the field as Scotland’s digital tech centre, Glasgow is recognised for its growing pool of software developers. Dundee, meanwhile, with its successful track record in computer games development, is already a leader in providing account security for online gamers.

Scotland has cyber security experts in:

  • Ethical hacking 
  • Information management 
  • Monitoring and detection 
  • Identification and authentication 
  • Network security 
  • Digital forensics 

Scotland also has strengths in areas such as data-driven innovation, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, internet of things (IoT) and quantum robotics, cyber research, fintech and offshore subsea technologies. 

Future technologies and Scotland's expertise

Access the talent and skills you need

Although we have a wealth of existing digital talent, we’re already upskilling for the future. Our students are learning about topics such as data security, digital forensics and ethical hacking. By educating our youngest minds, we are building a nation that has informed citizens, informed businesses and informed organisations who can make the most of digital technologies and manage risks safely.

By investing in Scotland and being part of our tech community, you can access our renowned academic institutions, which have an outstanding record of industry engagement and research output.

Data skills to match your needs

Benefit from our culture of innovation

Scotland has always been on the cutting edge of security. From the development of ATM machines and PIN numbers, to complex security algorithms and online ID systems, we’re proud of our long history protecting personal and sensitive data.

We believe amazing things happen when great minds come together. That’s why Scotland's cyber and tech communities are founded on collaboration; underpinning Scotland's innovative spirit is a close alliance between industry, government and academia. The result is a unique environment that exists to help businesses like yours do incredible things.

Scotland has invested significantly in its universities and innovation centres, creating a unique tech hub that is home to a UK Government-approved Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research.

Why Scotland's the place to do great things with data

More about innovation in Scotland

Supportive business environment

Invest in Scotland and you’ll find support in our network of professional and industry bodies helping make valuable connections for companies in cyber security.

ScotlandIS is the collective voice of Scotland's digital industry, supporting businesses and organisations creating and delivering cyber-driven solutions. It can bring together the ambition, talent and all the expertise you need to help grow your business.

The Cyber Academy is based at Edinburgh Napier University and is an impartial source of skills and knowledge on cyber security. For companies, its biggest asset is SOCLAB, a virtual Security Operations Centre that allows organisations to undertake cyber security testing in a safe and controlled environment. 

Informatics Ventures is hosted by the University of Edinburgh and encourages globally ambitious technology entrepreneurs to scale up through events and training. 

How we can help

“There are clear commercial drivers to our operations in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Scottish universities are cultivating some of the best software engineers in the world and helping to establish Scotland as a world leader in computer science research and education.”

Julian Palmer, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Corero

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