Creative industries

Scotland’s creative industries employ nearly 80,000 people, adding £4.4 billion to the Scottish economy each year. From games development, film and TV production to finding innovative tech solutions, we’ve been expanding our training facilities to ensure the necessary skilled talent is available to join the industry every year.

£4.4 billion Value

Creative industries are worth £4.4 billion to the Scottish economy

77,000 employees

Workforce of 77,000 employed in the creative industries sector in Scotland

91% engaged in culture

91% of the Scottish population engage in cultural activity

Source: Scottish Economic Statistics, Scottish Enterprise April 2019

Creative industries snapshot

Scotland has great strength in games and software development, digital technology and film and TV.

Our digital cluster is growing with world-class companies in all areas of digital technology, from international leaders in games development and new media platforms to national broadcasters and some of the most creative digital agencies in the UK.

Scottish universities are producing high-calibre graduates educated in the latest technologies and specialising in areas where there's specific demand in the industry.

Our costs for staff and property, are significantly lower than London, New York or Los Angeles.

More on the cost of living in Scotland

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A supportive tech community

Scotland's games ecosystem webinar

Learn why Scotland is a great place for games development, commercial opportunities and a supportive business community. Register to watch this free playback.

Tax relief for creative companies

There are some tax-relief options for creative companies in Scotland, including:

  • High-End Television Tax Relief (HTR) - a 25% rebate for scripted television projects with a minimum core expenditure of £1 million per broadcast hour.
  • Film tax relief (FTR) - your company can claim FTR on a film if it is intended for theatrical release and at least 10% of the production costs will be spent in the UK. All projects will need to pass a cultural test set by the British Film Institute.

We’ll help you find your skilled workforce

We will connect you to the talent, creativity and companies you need to grow and prosper. With the support of Scottish Enterprise, Scotland's national economic development agency, we can help you establish your company quickly and smoothly overcome any obstacles.

Scotland: The perfect place to play guide (PDF, 725kB)

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