Renewable energy and low carbon

Scotland's renewable energy resources offer big opportunities for international investors, particularly in carbon capture, energy storage, and decarbonisation of heat and transport. Scotland is home to the world’s first tidal array, world’s first floating offshore wind farm and Europe’s largest hydrogen bus fleet.

25% offshore resource

Scotland has 25% of Europe's offshore wind and tidal resource

£308 billion global market

The global market for low carbon heat technologies is predicted to grow to £308 billion by 2050

60% onshore wind capacity

Scotland has around 60% of the UK's onshore wind capacity

A renewable energy world-leader

There's no better industry for investment opportunities than Scotland's thriving renewable energy sector.

Scotland has 12,000km of coastline and more than 790 islands. With our abundant resources, outstanding locations, exceptional experience, unrivalled government support and world-class research and development facilities we're leading the world in renewables.

Scotland remains the best-placed country in Europe to realise Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) on a commercial scale. Investing in Scotland means access to potential capital contracts worth tens of billions as well as huge export revenue possibilities.

Aerial image taken at European Offshore Wind Development Centre, Aberdeen Bay.

Transition to a net zero economy

Scotland has an ambitious energy strategy and a supportive environment for investment. The Scottish Government is fully committed to its green energy targets to:

  • Generate 100% of Scotland's electricity demand from renewables by 2020
  • Deliver 50% of Scotland's total energy consumption from renewables by 2030
  • Reduce Scotland's greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045 – five years ahead of the rest of the UK
  • Phase out need for new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032 and lead on low carbon transport

Read about Scotland's low carbon transport projects

Electric vehicle charging - Photo by Rathaphon on Pexels

World's first commercially funded tidal array

MeyGen’s tidal energy project in Scotland's Pentland Firth is Europe's largest tidal power project

Together with our partner organisations, we've been supporting MeyGen's work in Scotland since 2006. Eventually 269 turbines will be installed on the MeyGen project site, producing 398MW. That's enough to power 175,000 homes and support more than 100 jobs. By joining MeyGen in Scotland, your project will be at the forefront of tidal power generation.

"Tidal power could help deliver clean, predictable, sustainable and secure energy to millions of homes in the UK, making use of the highly sophisticated existing supply chain already present in Scotland. We would not have reached this stage without support from Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government. Their support has allowed the industry to power ahead, and Scotland to lead the world."

Tim Cornelius, CEO of Atlantis, owners of the MeyGen project

Hydrogen in Scotland webinar

Green hydrogen at an industrial scale for a zero-carbon future - find out why Scotland has one of the best ecosystems for the hydrogen economy in Europe. Register to watch this free playback.

Financial support

Scotland’s energy transition is underpinned by targeted financial support which your business can access:

"The involvement of Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Investment Bank was instrumental in getting the project finance package required to undertake Phase 1 of this seminal project. MeyGen is now the poster child for marine energy sector globally."

Tim Cornelius, CEO of Atlantis, owners of the MeyGen project

Low carbon and sustainable growth ecosystem

Education and research

  • Scotland has the world's largest energy research group - over 700 renewable energy scientists, engineers and academics
  • Five of Scotland’s universities are ranked in the world’s top 200
  • Scotland leads the UK in university spinouts and investment in higher education R&D
  • Our centres of excellence and innovation bring together leaders in industry and academia
  • Scotland’s Energy Technology Partnership is the largest most broad-based energy research partnership in Europe, with 600 researchers across 13 universities
  • Scotland is home to a unique low carbon and sustainable growth ecosystem, leading the world in research and development (R&D) and transmission and distribution of electricity (T&D) facilities

Skills and expertise

  • Scotland has the largest concentration of offshore engineering expertise in the world outside of Houston
  • We're home to over 2,000 oil and gas supply chain companies with deep water experience
  • Scotland’s supply chain has skills and expertise in the diverse adaptable renewable energy and low carbon industry
  • Scotland is delivering solutions for world-first projects in offshore wind, marine renewables, energy storage and a range of other emerging technologies
  • Scotland’s pioneering energy sector is at the forefront of deep-water and floating offshore wind technologies. We are a global leader in the development and deployment of marine renewables and developing new low carbon energy systems
Image of commercial subsea engineering testing at at Oceanlab: the subsea research facility of the University of Aberdeen.

Turning the tide

Scotland has abundant natural resources, a renowned engineering heritage and ambitions to create a greener planet. That makes it the ideal location for Orbital Marine Power to build the world’s most powerful, most technologically advanced tidal turbine.

In this video, Andrew Scott, CEO and director of Orbital Marine Power shares his company's solution to low cost tidal stream energy.

A diverse industry

Offshore Wind in Scotland (PDF, 3.95MB)

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