Offshore wind

Scotland’s energy expertise, engineering heritage and location make us the natural choice for offshore wind projects.

Did you know?

Scotland was the first country in the world to declare a climate change emergency. Our target of net zero emissions by 2045 will halt Scotland’s contribution to global climate change within a generation.

Unrivalled natural resources

Scotland is the windbreak of Europe with over 3.5GW of offshore wind already operational or under construction and 6.4GW in the pipeline.

50 years of expertise

Our decades in the energy industry gives us huge advantages in developing renewables projects.

Impressive project pipeline

Scotland has a strong offshore wind market ready for investment. ScotWind 1 leasing will deliver an extra 25GW by 2032/3 and a further 4.5GW in the proposed *INTOG round.

*The Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) leasing round is a process by which developers will be able to apply for the rights to build offshore wind farms specifically for the purpose of providing low carbon electricity to help to decarbonise the sector - Crown Estate Scotland

Leading the way in renewable energy

Scotland’s potential to shape a greener future for all

Scotland has a thriving renewable energy industry that offers excellent investment opportunities.

Scotland has 12,000km of coastline and more than 790 islands. With abundant resources, outstanding locations, exceptional experience, unrivalled government support and world-class research and development facilities Scotland is leading the world in renewables.

Scotland remains the best-placed country in Europe to realise carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) on a commercial scale. Investing in Scotland means access to potential capital contracts worth tens of billions as well as huge export revenue possibilities.

What Scotland can offer your energy company

Offshore wind leasing rounds

ScotWind Leasing – the first round of offshore wind leasing in Scottish waters for a decade – is a multibillion-pound investment opportunity and a major part of powering the transition to a net-zero future. Companies at the cutting edge of offshore renewables are invited to help build Scotland’s new generation of offshore wind farms, with a potential capacity of up to 25GW over 17 new sites by 2033.

This new round could lead to £50 billion of investment over and above the £18-20 billion in the current pipeline of projects. This means Scotland will be a world top ten offshore wind market with a project pipeline of up to 35GW. And with 11 of these sites set to deliver 15GW of floating wind, plus a further 4GW in the new Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) decarbonisation round, Scotland is now the largest floating offshore wind market in the world.

The UK’s Offshore Wind Sector Deal provides additional long-term certainty and opportunities to businesses like yours. The joint government-industry sector deal will invest up to £250 million in building a stronger supply chain and aims to deliver 40GW of offshore wind by 2030 by running regular Contracts for Difference auctions (the UK’s mechanism for supporting low carbon generation).

Floating wind

Home to Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating offshore wind farm, Scotland is already leading the way in floating wind and we are committed to retaining this lead by investing in innovation. Initiatives such as the Floating Wind Joint Industry Project (JIP) will address the cost reduction required to meet the commercial deployment challenges of floating wind, creating R&D opportunities for electrical systems, mooring systems and logistics for construction and operations.

Our second floating wind farm, the 50MW Kincardine project, has overtaken Hywind Scotland as the world's largest floating offshore wind farm. And, with 11 of the ScotWind Leasing sites aimed at floating wind, we will continue to set the pace with the world's first commercial scale projects delivered here in Scotland.

Connected infrastructure with innovation at its heart

Scotland is at the forefront of energy innovation. You’ll find that you can quickly take your research and development to the next level thanks to our connected infrastructure and outstanding level of academic and industry collaboration.

In fact, Scotland’s innovation ecosystem and experienced offshore supply chain have been instrumental in driving down the cost of offshore wind globally, smashing the UK government’s price target. Scotland's offshore wind industry continues to innovate, evolve and deliver world first projects.

History of world firsts in offshore innovation

Scotland has an esteemed history of engineering and innovation. Our pioneering energy sector continues to innovate, evolve and punch above its weight in delivering world first offshore projects that change the world.​

2003 – EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre) – world’s first open sea wave and tidal testing site 

2007 – Beatrice Demonstrator –world’s first deep-water wind project commissioned at 45 metres water depth

2008 – Eigg – world’s first off-grid renewable energy system

2010 – Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters – world’s first marine renewables commercial leasing round

2016 – Shetland Tidal Array – world’s first community owned tidal array

2017 – Hywind Scotland – world’s first floating wind farm

2017 – MeyGen 1A – world’s first utility-scale tidal array

2017 – Surf 'n' Turf – world’s first tidal-powered hydrogen electrolyser

2018 – European Offshore Wind Development Centre – world’s most powerful turbines installed on industry-first suction jacket foundations

2021 – Kincardine Offshore Windfarm – world’s largest floating wind farm fully operational off Scotland's north-east coast, and first using 9.5MW turbines

More about innovation in Scotland

Supply chain opportunities

Scotland is now gearing up to deliver the large-scale commercial projects through the ScotWind Leasing sites and the UK's Offshore Wind Sector Deal, creating a huge market for innovative floating wind technologies, supply chain and new port infrastructure.  

Scotland has immediate supply chain opportunities for companies like yours wanting to tap into this fast-growing market. These include:

  • Export cable manufacture
  • Array cable manufacture
  • Large castings and forgings (wind turbine rotor hubs, bedplates and drive shafts)
  • Offshore wind turbine blades (blade lengths greater than 100 metres)
  • Offshore electrical substation topsides
  • Large gauge mooring chain for floating wind
  • Substructures (floating)

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Access the skills and talent you need

When it comes to energy transition skills, you’ll find the talent you need in Scotland. Pioneering renewable energy projects coupled with a 50-year history of oil and gas exploration means there is a vast and vibrant talent pool with the highest levels of energy, engineering and offshore expertise.

By choosing Scotland you’ll have access to:

  • Over 46,500 highly-skilled people working in Scotland’s low carbon industry
  • A steady stream of talent with 21,000 university graduates each year in IT, engineering, maths and the sciences, including specialist renewables degrees
  • A large pool of transferable talent from the 101,400 people employed in the oil and gas industry

Help to access Scotland's talent

Benefit from ongoing support

By locating in Scotland, your company can immediately benefit from established and influential industry networks. You can enjoy sharing knowledge, connections, research and best practice from the moment you set up here.

Scotland’s offshore wind clusters are instrumental in connecting, supporting, promoting and accelerating the industry. They do this by influencing government, supply chain opportunities and investing in skills and infrastructure.

How we can help

"Tidal power could help deliver clean, predictable, sustainable and secure energy to millions of homes in the UK, making use of the highly sophisticated existing supply chain already present in Scotland. We would not have reached this stage without support from Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government. Their support has allowed the industry to power ahead, and Scotland to lead the world."

Tim Cornelius, CEO of Atlantis, owners of the MeyGen project

World's first commercially funded tidal array

MeyGen’s tidal energy project in Scotland's Pentland Firth is Europe's largest tidal power project

Together with our partner organisations, we've been supporting MeyGen's work in Scotland since 2006. Eventually 269 turbines will be installed on the MeyGen project site, producing 398MW. That's enough to power 175,000 homes and support more than 100 jobs. By joining MeyGen in Scotland, your project will be at the forefront of tidal power generation.

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