Life sciences and biotech

Over 750 life sciences organisations employ more than 39,000 people, making Scotland one of the largest life sciences clusters in Europe.

Top for clinical trials

Scotland is a preferred international site for clinical trials for two of the world’s top CROs, Quintiles and PPD

£56 million innovation centre

Scotland's new £56 million industry-led Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre is a world-first.

£50 million venture capital fund

£50 million venture capital fund, led by Epidarex Capital, for early stage, high growth, life science and health technology companies

GSK continues to invest in Scotland

Scotland is home to a thriving biocluster, providing the ideal environment for innovation and company growth. Between its two sites, in Montrose and Irvine, global pharmaceutical company, GSK has a 100 years of manufacturing experience in Scotland.

Watch our video with Dave Tudor of GSK explain why Scotland is a competitive place to manufacture for life and chemical sciences organisations:

World-first for Scotland

A new £56 million UK innovation centre to be based in Scotland, will revolutionise how medicines are manufactured and speed up the process of bringing new drugs to market. It aims to attract more than £80 million in research and development (R&D) investment by 2028.

The new industry-led Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC), to be based just outside Glasgow, will offer pharma companies, from start-ups through to multinational organisations, a unique service to develop and adopt novel manufacturing techniques to adapt into their own manufacturing processes.

By transforming processes and technologies, the speed of bringing new drugs to market could improve drastically.

Launch of the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MMIC)

“There is no other facility like this in the world and is a fantastic endorsement of Scotland as an ideal place to invest in global excellence in high value manufacturing drawing on our skills, innovative companies and academic expertise.”

Linda Hanna, managing director of strategy and sectors, Scottish Enterprise

Work in a collaborative environment

Scotland’s unified healthcare provider, the NHS, works closely with industry and academia, supported by the dedicated cross-party organisation, LISAB.

The NHS provides coordinated access to clinical investigators and patients through single point of contact for industry, accessible clinical research support infrastructures, and streamlined and timely clinical trial approvals.

“People tell us that there are not many places in the world where you can come and actually work with academics from universities and the NHS.”

Chris Packard, research and development director, NHS Scotland 

A prime site for clinical trials

Scotland's strengths include: 

  • Patient identification, from cradle to grave 
  • Strong collaboration across NHS, academia, government and industry
  • Globally competitive trial recruitment and start-up times 
  • Bio-banking resource unrivalled in Europe (Generation Scotland)
  • Globally recognised electronic health record system
  • Home to world’s top medical schools focusing on translational medicine
  • Phase I, II and III clinical trials, post-market surveillance, biostatistics, regulatory compliance, data management and study monitoring
  • Fast permission times of around 3 weeks for commercial projects and just under 2 weeks for non-commercial projects


Animal health and aquaculture

Scotland's natural resources and research expertise create the perfect environment for bioscience and aquaculture studies and commercial opportunities.

We're experts in everything from sustainable fisheries and animal behaviour to breeding and pathophysiology. Come work with us.

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