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Scottish digital health and wellness tech companies to watch

16 Mar 2020 • 11 minute read

These 15 Scottish digital health and wellness tech companies excel at turning health data into clinical insights.

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With growing demand for innovative tech solutions in telehealth, personalised medicine, assisted living and digital health systems, Scotland’s smartest healthtech companies are rising to the challenge, supporting global healthcare providers, and improving patients' lives worldwide.

Digital health and medtech solutions

Scotland’s expertise in turning health data into clinical insights is far-reaching. We have a well-established and growing community of more than 300 digital health and medtech companies helping to:

  • Improve patient health
  • Improve patient experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase impact and ROI
  • Streamline services
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Scotland's rising stars in digital health

Based in Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University hospital and central Edinburgh, Aridhia is home to a multidisciplinary team of data scientists, information governance specialists, computer scientists, software developers and healthcare experts. The company delivers research services across the UK and Europe. The team works collaboratively with the NHS, research organisations, life sciences companies, IT service providers and patients to transform clinical research into clinical practice.

Aridhia’s Digital Research Environment (DRE) is a trusted, secure, self-service, cloud-enabled digital research solution for biomedical, precision medicine and healthcare researchers.

Aridhia DRE delivers secure, auditable workspaces for research teams to engage personally, collaboratively and productively around data from multiple systems and sources to address complex data challenges.

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The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) applications in medical imaging is growing rapidly, but it is challenging for healthcare facilities to deploy AI applications. Every application is time consuming and requires significant IT and clinical resources to implement. Blackford’s approach simplifies the selection, procurement, deployment, administration, and support of AI medical imaging applications.

Blackford Analysis, based in Edinburgh, provide a single platform to quickly access and manage a curated marketplace of regulatory approved medical imaging AI applications that add clinical value.

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CONTEXT Health is a team of clinicians with over 20 years’ experience delivering innovative solutions for best patient care.

The company’s CONTEXT Meeting™ platform delivers clinical benefit and process improvement that can standardise models of care. The company has created a collaboration framework, which mimics existing clinical pathways while giving security at an individual patient level. This is an online cloud-based platform designed for secure data access within the healthcare community. It allows users to review medical data with secure video conference meetings and full decision audit tracking capabilities.

The company’s CONTEXT Specialist System enables patients to access a network of clinical specialists for second opinion advice regarding their specific medical needs.

CONTEXT Health has offices in Edinburgh and Singapore.

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Citruslabs is a leading provider in the clinical trial recruitment and retention industry. Citruslabs owns and operates the top condition-specific health apps around the world, providing our clinical trial partners with engaged patients across dozens of therapeutic areas.

Citruslabs apps use brain games, fitness trackers, and medication reminders to collect thousands of demographics, medical, and behavioral patient recruitment data points.

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Giraffe Healthcare is a community interest company and a spin out from Glasgow Caledonian University. Its services have been developed by clinicians with over 40 years of combined clinical and research experience working closely with patient groups and users.

Giraffe Healthcare has developed a platform for the delivery, and remote monitoring of personalised podiatry and physiotherapy programmes for people with clinical (neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, orthopaedic, rheumatological) or palliative care conditions.

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Lenus Health was spun out of the digital consultancy Storm ID. Its goal is to transform the end-to-end pathway for the most prevalent chronic diseases — enabling earlier diagnosis, proactive community management and more sustainable care delivery.

The company builds its services on an interoperable platform, meaning it can gather data from other existing platforms. It integrates patient-generated data, unlocks provider health data silos and generates structured datasets to build clinical AI insights. The Lenus platform can also become a test bed for innovation used to put external AI and other digital tools into operation in clinical workflows.

In December 2021, global digital health leader ResMed announced a minority investment in Lenus Health.

"Lenus Health’s achievements underscore the power of digital health to improve people’s lives, delivering care closer to home while also significantly reducing healthcare costs for whole systems," said Antoine Valterio, ResMed UK Country Manager and Board Member at the Association of British HealthTech Industries.

He added: "ResMed is looking forward to helping Lenus Health accelerate the adoption of digital health and AI technologies in the NHS and abroad, as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting a thriving UK health tech sector."

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Founded in 2013, medtech company Metix has grown into one of the top 100 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. Metix operates internationally with headquarters in Glasgow and offices in London, the US and Mexico.

Metix works with clinical teams that are involved in emergency transport, critical care, neonatal transfers as well as teams who operate in remote environments. Metix can help you automate patient transport processes and generate insights that allow your clinical teams to continuously improve, including:

  • Patient monitoring anywhere
  • Continuous and remote real-time monitoring
  • Administrative automation

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MyWay Digital Health (MWDH) delivers transformative care through affordable, evidence based, data-driven, scalable award-winning solutions with a key focus on diabetes and long-term conditions. It provides tailored knowledge, advice and data predictions to patients, and health care professionals - improving care, saving lives, and saving money.

MWDH runs national and large regional integrated platforms for clinicians and patients, supporting through data-driven automated advice, analytics, and education.

MyDiabetesMyWay (MDMW), its flagship product, developed with NHS Scotland, is the only self-management platform globally to be scaled across an entire country, Scotland.

It offers:

  • Patients access to over 250 multimedia education resources
  • Institutional (NHS) health record access
  • Integrates with home-recorded data (for example, Fitbits, home glucose meters)
  • Uses algorithms and data linkage to drive highly tailored self-management advice and reports

MyWay Diabetes platform has been assessed as the top app to use in clinical practice, according to a report published by ORCHA in collaboration with the Association of UK Dietitians (BDA).

The company has sealed a key partnership with Pulse Active Station supporting diabetes care in India.

Meanwhile, MyWay Digital Health was one of six health tech companies selected out of 86 applicants worldwide for the AI Accelerator Programme based at the University of Edinburgh Bayes centre in partnership with Scale Space.

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Pharmatics is a UK-based research company founded by scientists from the University of Edinburgh. It develops machine learning based products for biomarker discovery, diagnostics, drug development, and predictions of health risks and treatment response.

The company is changing the way large-scale biological and medical data are analysed to ensure more efficient drug development, decision support, and care provision.

While the costs of collecting biological and medical data are reducing, intelligent data analysis tools are needed to make sense of data for the benefit of patients, drug developers, and care providers.

Pharmatics provides powerful data analysis for valuable data and is actively involved in studies of colon cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, complications of diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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Founded in 2018, PneumoWave (formerly Altair Medical) is a development stage digital therapeutics company based in Scotland and the US. It develops remote monitoring technology for patients with acute and chronic respiratory conditions.

PneumoWave’s proprietary advanced sensor, AI technology provides patients, clinicians and researchers with real-time physiological data and patient-centric biomarkers to predict, monitor and alert to respiratory-adverse events in hospitals and at home.

In 2020, PneumoWave was awarded FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) Breakthrough Medical Device designation and later that year clinical trials began in UK NHS hospitals.

2021 saw the raising of significant capital investment to further validate the technology for global roll-out.

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Sitekit is a digital technology company founded by Campbell Grant on the Isle of Skye more than 30 years ago. Today, Sitekit operates across three locations in Skye, Edinburgh, and London. Sitekit empowers organisations to offer customers secure and trusted digital services.

Sitekit, through its flagship eRedbook PHR, empowers parents to manage their child’s health and wellbeing using their health data in collaboration with professionals. The eRedbook app is designed for both child and adult use, and is based on an underlying secure, standards-based (FHIR) interoperability platform that can support the adoption of personal health records (PHR) for any health system.

Sitekit is recognised as the leading provider of web solutions to NHS England, with over 70 organisations employing Sitekit’s products or services to assist them with their web management.

Healthcare sector expertise has allowed the company to pursue a range of ehealth R&D opportunities, promoting collaboration with government, academic and industry leaders worldwide.

Sitekit maintains strong relationships with Harvard, MIT, National University of Singapore, University of Stirling and Edinburgh Napier University, with several Sitekit staff performing active research roles within these institutions.

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Tactuum is a digital consulting firm specialising in digital tools and services that enrich the wellbeing of people. It has offices in Glasgow, London, Seattle and Toronto.

Its main product is Quris, a decision-making companion that improves patient care through unifying and delivering the information clinicians, hospitals and healthcare organisations need anytime, anywhere, via any device.

Content is organised centrally via an app and web platform and seamlessly integrates with any electronic health record (EHR) platform to reduce clicks and support decision-making.

A trusted Microsoft partner, Quris is used by over 44,000 clinicians at the most innovative hospitals across the globe, including the University of Washington, the University of Michigan and the National Health Service (NHS).

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Founded in 2013 by Jo Halliday, Dr Elizabeth Fairley and Dr Scott Crae, Glasgow-based Talking Medicines has developed PatientMetRx® opens in a new window , social intelligence platform, that empowers pharma execs with on-demand access to better understand patient behaviours by named medicine. The platform gathers intelligence on aggregated patterns of patient behaviours around who, how, and why medicines are taken at home. This intelligence helps them make effective data driven marketing decisions.

In 2020, the Talking Medicines raised £1.1 million funding to scale up its artificial intelligence data platform.

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ARMED - Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection (part of TechniCare Solutions) is one of the UK’s leading innovators in supporting early intervention and preventive care. The company also provides actionable insights derived from a wide range of vital sign data collected via wearables and in-home technology.

The company has built an enviable reputation among local authorities for its risk stratification method developed with Edinburgh Napier University. These population-wide risk calculations are presented on a platform that works with any data supplier. Calculations are linked into the ARMED risk escalation models. These are backed up with medical device certification which provides further confidence regarding the efficacy of its risk predictions.

ARMED also helps health and care organisations reach at-risk individuals via the virtual visit capability in the home prior to hospitalisation, in hospital after intervention and after discharge via the virtual ward capability.

An action-focused dashboard is powered by predictive algorithms to ensure only relevant information is provided directly to the user. The aim is to ensure unnecessary admissions, overstays and re-admissions are prevented, meaning patients can live independently at home more quickly. This allows care givers to focus on providing the right care to the right individual at the right time.

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Founded in 2015, Edinburgh-based Waire Health (formerly Sentinel), offers continuous wearable vitals monitoring device, delivering unparalleled insight into daily health and activity of patients/ users in hospitals, care settings and at home. Its core team has 75 years combined experience in electronics systems design, project management in large scale digital roll outs across multiple markets, including health.

In 2020, the company secured more than £1 million in funding from Innovate UK, EIT Digital and Scottish Enterprise to take it device to market.

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