Global business services

With a proven track record in servicing global markets and a world-class infrastructure, Scotland is the natural choice for global business services.

Did you know?

From digital technologies, finance, legal and accounting to human resources and customer experience, Scotland’s workforce has expertise across several industries and offers a cultural affinity with customers.

150,000 employees

currently make up global business services in Scotland.

110,000 graduates

from Scotland's 19 universities and 27 colleges.

Up to 40% lower costs

Scotland offers quality talent at a lower cost compared to other major cities, including London.

Services for the whole world, from Scotland

Track record of success

As one of the most important centres for global business services in the UK and with a proven track record in servicing global markets, Scotland offers stability and security for you to establish your operations here.

Scotland's world-class infrastructure, excellent connectivity and competitive costs have attracted companies such as Morgan Stanley, Sky, Capgemini and Amazon to locate here. Companies deliver a range of business functions including customer experience, finance, HR, procurement, legal services and technology development.

Scotland’s thriving tech ecosystem has also created an ideal environment for successful startups. They are involved in developing new and transformative technologies that have increased Scotland’s international reputation. Skyscanner is a prime example, having flourished from a Scottish startup to an internationally renowned brand.

Why Scotland is a good fit for your global business services company

Join a community with innovation at its heart

Scotland is at the forefront of the digital revolution in global business services. We have a rich history of innovation and companies can attract world-class expertise and work in collaboration with our world-leading institutions.

Our technology sector is flourishing, with over 90,000 people working across a range of areas. From application development, cyber security and data analytics, to robotic process automation and AI, you can be assured that Scotland has the skills and expertise to support you.

11 future technologies and Scotland's expertise

Access the skills and talent you need

Scotland offers access to a high-quality, experienced and diverse workforce across a range of business functions including digital technologies, customer experience, sales, tech support, finance, HR, procurement, payroll and legal services. Your company will benefit from hard-working and dependable staff, creating stability and reassurance for your business.

With over 21,000 graduates per year from business-related courses and a further 16,000 in computer sciences and technology, you can be assured of a steady stream of talent to support your business.

More about people, skills and recruitment in Scotland

Benefit from ongoing support

Come to Scotland and you’ll become part of one of the world’s most supportive and accessible business environments for global business services. You can call on a network of specialist advisers ready to support you as you settle in Scotland. Most of the world’s large professional services firms have offices in Scotland and you can access Scottish, UK and international law firms, offering business sector expertise ‘on the ground’.

You’ll also be supported by professional and industry bodies which make valuable connections between companies and the relevant professions in Scotland.

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Scotland's digital technologies expertise

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