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Clean heat

Scotland has been at the forefront of clean heat innovation for decades, so it’s the perfect place to build your skills and grow your knowledge. Learn about career opportunities in this sector.

The clean heat sector at a glance

Clean heat is a priority for Scotland. It's estimated that in 2020 there were between 16,800 and 24,100 full-time equivalent people employed in Scotland’s energy efficiency and low carbon heat sector. Through this period, the sector generated an annual turnover of £5.5 billion. 

We estimate that the shift towards low carbon heating could create 16,400 additional jobs by 2030. With a history of pioneering projects and industry firsts, clean heat is a sector that will help you to build lucrative skills and broaden your career horizons.

There’s opportunity here to work on impressive projects. Examples include:

  • Queens Quay opens in a new window  – a £250 million regeneration project in Clydebank that will feature Scotland’s largest single heat network, all powered by Scotland’s first large-scale river-based heat pumps
  • HeatSource opens in a new window – an industry network cluster builder that connects and builds a robust clean heat ecosystem
  • AMIDS opens in a new window – the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS) is a 5th generation heat network at the forefront of clean heat projects 

Benefits of working in clean heat

  • Career sustainability

    The shift to low carbon heating that could create up to 16,400 new jobs by 2030.

  • A growing sector

    The low carbon/renewable heat sector generates an annual turnover of £5.5 billion.

  • Ambitious targets

    Scotland plans to convert 1 million homes and 50,000 non-domestic properties to clean heat solutions by 2030.

Your skills are in demand

In Scotland, decarbonising heat is a national priority – it’s the place to grow your expertise and build future-focused skills.

Be a part of the dynamic developments helping our clean heat sector to thrive. There are many areas of work to choose from, including:

Heat  pumps

The scale of the heat pump opportunity is enormous and the supply chain continues to develop. Be a part of an evolving market, with opportunities in heat pump component manufacturing, innovation around heat pump systems, installation, smart control, and operations and maintenance.

Heat networks

Work for the companies transforming heat networks into low carbon networks. Scotland has an ambitious target to install 6 terrawatt-hours (TWh) of heat networks by 2030.

Heat tech

Get involved in groundbreaking low carbon heat generation technologies, including harnessing heat from wastewater and largescale water sourced heat pumps.

Energy efficiency

If you can design the green products of the future, you'll find opportunities here. Scotland has committed to decarbonising heat and improving energy efficiency with a £1.8 billion fund for investment.

Sunamp, Star Renewables, and Mitsubishi all have hubs here, along with many more– from home-grown innovators to international companies.

Explore Scotland's low carbon heat ecosystem 

Find roles in Scotland's clean heat sector

We’re constantly innovating in our renewables sector. So, whatever your passion, and however niche your expertise, you’ll find a home for it in Scotland.

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How Scotland supports clean heat

Scotland was the first country in the UK to legislate on developing heat networks with the draft Heat Networks Bill. Government targets for clean heat include converting one million homes and 50,000 non-domestic properties to clean heat solutions by 2030.

With ambitious targets comes funding, creating more opportunity to do groundbreaking work in this sector. Other funding plans include the UK government’s Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF) – a three-year £300 million grant, and a commitment to secure £1.8 billion in heat and energy efficiency over five years.

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Connected institutions and infrastructure

Scotland has a culture of research and academic excellence with 19 world-class universities, and many opportunities to future-proof your skills. Scotland’s centres of excellence and innovation centres include:

If manufacturing is your area of expertise, you can collaborate with National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS), an industry-led institution for ground-breaking manufacturing research to boost workforce skills.

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Come to Scotland to be part of a highly skilled clean heat community, full of opportunities to learn, advance and grow your career. 

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Quality of life

Scotland has lots to offer outside of work. 
Wherever you decide to work in Scotland, you’ll discover welcoming communities, rich history and vibrant culture. 

Enjoy shorter commutes, world-class education, free healthcare, and plenty of green space on your doorstep. Building a career in Scotland comes at a lower cost of living than many other major locations. You’ll benefit from flexibility for hybrid and remote working while being fully supported by reliable digital connectivity. 

As one of the best-connected places in Europe, Scotland has six airports with daily direct flights to 150 destinations worldwide. We also have fast and frequent rail links to all parts of the UK. 

Moving to Scotland

We welcome people from around the world who want to build exceptional careers across Scotland. 

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