Global business services

Join over 500 global business services companies and contact centres in Scotland.

131,000 employees

131,000 people are employed in the sector in Scotland

97,000 graduates

Over 97,000 graduates join the sector each year

£15 billion GVA

£15.7 billion GVA including financial services to the Scottish economy

Looking for a global shared service or contact centre?

We can connect you to skilled workers and leading providers of back-office or in-house functions, right here in Scotland. 

Scotland’s global business services industry provides: 

  • High quality skills with a stable and well qualified workforce 
  • Competitive costs 
  • A supportive business environment 
  • Easy access to key markets 

Scotland’s talent and skilled workforce

With over 247,000 people working in financial and business services, supplemented by over 97,000 graduates a year, Scotland offers high quality, flexible staff with skills covering a range of front and back office activities.

If you need multilingual talent, you’re in the right place – many of our centres offer dedicated foreign language services.

A woman with bright red hair standing at Pacific Quay in Glasgow


“We think Scotland is a prime location for development. We’ve found that staff attrition rates are lower, there’s a good work ethic and culture, and plenty of people who don’t savour the idea of a 20-mile drive to work.”

Steve Mosser, CEO, Senseé

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If you have any questions or want to talk with one of our advisers, we're always ready to help.