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Scotland’s creative industries employ nearly 80,000 people, adding £3.7 billion to the Scottish economy each year.

A recent survey found that 91% of the population takes part in at least one cultural activity per year.

Scotland has been expanding its training facilities to create the ideal foundations for the industry to thrive. We also have a huge pool of skilled and qualified talent with new graduates joining the industry every year.

The growth of digital technology is allowing our creative industry companies to find more and larger audiences than ever before.

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Connected Games
Digital media

Digital media

Scotland is the engine, helping to drive digital transformation in the UK and Europe.

Our digital media sector is at the forefront of innovation in applications, music, TV, publishing and games.

Our long-held goal of having the best qualified workforce in emerging technologies is beginning to pay dividends, with numerous centres of excellence and collaboration springing up around the country.

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Film & TV

From your phone screen to the big screen.

Scotland's colourful landscape with mountains, coastline, ancient forests and ideal light conditions have always leant themselves to filming. Our credits include classics like Local Hero and The Thirty Nine Steps and more contemporary international blockbusters such as Skyfall and World War Z. Epic TV productions such as Outlander are filmed entirely on location in Scotland and demonstrate the versatility of our landscape and cities.

If that weren't enough to bring your production to Scotland, we also have generous tax rebates for UK productions, highly accommodating local authorities and impressively experienced, award winning producers, directors, cast and crew.

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Opening portals to fantastical worlds

From Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V to user-designed Minecraft cities, our game creators are building detailed, intricate and absorbing alternate realities. Global phenomenons like Rockstar North and Axis Animation co-exist here with upstart start-ups like DeuXality and Krotos. 

Our community of games developers are at the forefront of modern game design and in high demand from publishers all over the world. Part of the reason for this success has been our focus on the highest quality training and supportive environments for seedling companies and talented individuals.

The games industry here is also among the most collaborative in the world, forging a path of connection which other industries can follow.

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