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Drug discovery and development careers in Scotland

Skilled in drug discovery and development? Progress your career in Scotland whether it’s diabetes, neuroscience, oncology, cardiovascular medicine or metabolic medicine. Be at the forefront of cutting-edge, globally-recognised drug research and development.

A fantastic place to develop your career

Scotland is a fantastic place to further your career. Our growing drug discovery and development industry provides ample commercial and academic employment prospects for you to explore.

Our complete value chain of drug development provides exciting opportunities in everything from early-stage drug discovery and medicinal chemistry to bespoke formulation and manufacturing.

Innovative companies and technologies

Did you know Scotland is home to over 150 companies delivering solutions to the drug development sector?

You can be part of innovative companies working on innovative technologies for drug delivery, diagnosing and treating cancer, and producing cell lines expressing novel human antibodies, in addition to those producing new antibiotics.

Globally competitive companies operating here include:

  • ProStrakan
  • CXR Biosciences
  • Cyclacel
  • IOMET Pharma
  • Novabiotics
  • Nucana
  • Ferring Pharmaceuticals

High-tech facilities and academic excellence

In Scotland, you’re supported by an extensive knowledge base of first-rate industrial technology and universities with exceptional links to the wider industry.

We’re setting the standard for excellence. Our translational bioparks like the Edinburgh BioQuarter, where a leading teaching hospital sits side-by-side with academic centres of excellence and a cluster of leading life sciences companies, give you the edge and ability to carry out research at the very highest level.

You can also take advantage of our high-tech facilities, including:

  • BioCity Scotland, which specialises in compound management and logistics
  • TC Biopharm's new GMP manufacturing facility in Glasgow
  • CMAC (Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation) in Glasgow

Top universities and pioneering research

If you’re interested in working in academia, Scotland offers top universities and research institutes including:

  • Strathclyde University’s Institute for Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
  • The School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee
  • Edinburgh University’s Division of Pathway Medicine – home to the pioneering research centre exploring the mechanisms of human disease at a molecular level

You’ll also have the chance to work collaboratively with academia and industry. Some of our past joint successes include cloning adult mammals, modelling human functions and novel imaging techniques and materials.

In Scotland, you’re in esteemed company. Some of our key academics in the industry include Professor Sir Philip Cohen from the University of Dundee and Professor Roland Wolf, Director of the Biomedical Research Centre at the University of Dundee and Honorary Director of Cancer Research UK Molecular Pharmacology Unit.

Expand your career in Scotland

If you’re inspired by cutting-edge drug discovery and development, Scotland is the place for you.

Use your specialised skills in exciting areas like the structure and function of biomolecules, pre-clinical contract research, tissue provision for pre-clinical drug development and supply chain logistics. And that’s just the beginning.