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Bioinformatics careers in Scotland

Skilled in bioinformatics? Then look to Scotland to take your bioinformatics career to the next level and work in one of the world’s top centres for biomedical commercialisation. There’s endless opportunity to expand your career here.

Be part of the solution

From e-science to medical applications and genome comparison, we’re using our technology and expertise to answer some of the biggest questions about cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases.

Use your skills to be a part of the solution.

Globally recognised research

Our globally-recognised research and technology, coupled with well-established links between industry and academia, means bioinformatics is an exciting area of work that’s rapidly developing in Scotland. We need your specialised skills to ensure Scotland continues to excel.

There’s endless opportunity to expand your career in bioinformatics groups like Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS) opens in a new window and the Scottish Bioinformatics Forum. If fact, no one has more bioinformatics research groups per capita than Scotland.

Microarrays and gene expression analysis, sequence comparison and alignment, and genome comparison are some of Scotland's areas of expertise. Our other bioinformatics technical strengths include:

  • Protein structure prediction and modelling
  • Visualisation and image analysis
  • Modelling of cellular processes
  • Data and knowledge representation
  • Medical applications of bioinformatics

Collaborative and innovative companies

Did you know we’re home to thousands of industrial and academic researchers, making Scotland one of the largest global centres of bioinformatics excellence in the UK? The considerable depth and diversity mean you can collaborate and use your specialised talents in innovative companies like Actual Analytics, Aridhia, ARK Genomics and Fios Genomics.

As a researcher, you’ll be able to take advantage of open-access research facilities such as the Scottish Instrumentation and Resource Centre for Advanced Mass Spectrometry at University of Edinburgh, and further facilities at Universities of Glasgow and Dundee. All specialise in instrumentation for proteomics, genomics and bioinformatics.

We're also home to the Farr Institute Scotland, a collaboration between six Scottish universities and National Health Service (NHS), part of a UK-wide initiative to harnesses electronic data to improve healthcare.

World-leading biomedical commercialisation

If you want to work in one of the world’s top centres for biomedical commercialisation, the Edinburgh BioQuarter, our impressive £600 million life science facility, is the place. Discover the best international academic institutions for scientists to work in – including the universities of Dundee and St Andrews, which rank in the top 10.

We’re home to many centres of bioinformatics research excellence including:

  • The Roslin Institute Bioinformatics
  • ARK-Genomics - a UK-wide hub for farm animal genomics
  • The Sir Henry Wellcome Functional Genomics Centre

Looking for a bioinformatics job in Scotland?

Your career options are endless. Use your specialised skills in areas such as the structure and function of biomolecules, the genetics of complex diseases, pathway biology, and more. Be a part of something truly revolutionary and exciting in Scotland.