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FDI in Scotland

A record-breaking place to invest

The latest EY Attractiveness Survey confirms that in 2016, Scotland attracted a record number of FDI projects.

Scotland remains the UK's most attractive inward investment location outside London, attracting 122 FDI projects last year.

EY Attractiveness Survey 2017

Brilliantly connected for business

From Barclays to Blackrock, ATOS to JP Morgan, Mitsubishi to Morgan Stanley, over 3900 inward investors have chosen to make their home in Scotland.

Why? Because they require something we’re uniquely placed to deliver – connections to skills, networks and international markets.

Why Scotland?

Why invest in Scotland? The primary reason... is talent.

Stephen Flaherty, managing director, JP Morgan

Get to know Scotland

Our talented people, access to global markets and a supportive business environment make Scotland a natural location for your investment.

Offering a brilliantly connected base for global companies, Scotland is home to almost 4000 inward investors and attracts more foreign investment than any UK region outside London.

Connect with Scotland's talented people

A talented workforce

People are at the heart of your business.

By choosing to invest in Scotland, you'll be able to connect with skilled and highly educated employees.

With the highest educational attainment of any part of the UK and the highest concentration of universities in Europe, Scotland's people can provide your company with a skilled, motivated and stable workforce.

Light path over River Clyde at Finnieston

Global connections

Scotland offers the perfect base for accessing global markets.

Investing in Scotland means connecting with new markets. You'll have access to the rest of the United Kingdom and the 230 million people of the European Union.

And, with five international airports serving 150 destinations, you'll find it easy to connect with new customers and partners in every key global market.

Just look at what we offer

It’s little wonder that foreign investors continue to choose Scotland. We're a top location for global companies.

You will be in illustrious company.

Scotland is already home to almost 4,000 foreign firms with a combined turnover of £100 billion, including Barclays, Blackrock, ATOS, JP Morgan, Mitsubishi and Morgan Stanley.

They're all benefiting from operating costs which can be up to 40% lower than London, and a business-friendly environment, complete with an enviable lifestyle.

Join the companies making it big in Scotland

We offer a highly-skilled and educated workforce, proximity to massive European markets, innovative R&D, sophisticated infrastructure, and easy connections to the rest of the world. 

It’s time for your company to come to Scotland too.

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Why global companies choose Scotland

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Experience, expertise, innovation

Whatever your industry, you'll find a home in Scotland.

Scotland's expertise in our traditional industries like financial services and oil & gas is well known, and we remain global leaders in these sectors.

We're also internationally recognised for our innovation and excellence in growing sectors like technology and engineering, life sciences, global business services and renewable energy.

Scotland's key sectors