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Our people

Outside of London, no region in the UK has a higher average level of education.

In fact, Scotland’s world-renowned education system and impressive ratio of graduates per capita surpasses most countries of comparable size in Europe. So you will access a highly-educated, skilled-workforce by locating your business in Scotland. And we will be there to guide you in the process.

And Scottish workers aren’t just well-educated. Our workforce is stable and dependable, with a low turnover too.

Why invest in Scotland? The primary reason... is talent.

Stephen Flaherty, managing director of J.P. Morgan

Why I picked Scotland’s workforce

J.P Morgan's Stephen Flaherty has lived in Luxembourg, New York, Hong Kong and London, but he would always come back to Scotland.

The skills available in Scotland are a big part of the reason why J.P. Morgan set up a tech hub here. From its base in Glasgow, it can tap into talent from the universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde, the West of Scotland, Edinburgh and more.

Why I chose Scotland

Chemistry lab work with light path

Culture of research, innovation and creativity

There is a long history of discovery and invention in Scotland.

Access to skilled engineers and scientists has encouraged many companies to locate their R&D facilities in Scotland. Although Scotland has less than 0.1% of our population within research, we generate 1.8% of the world's academic research citations.

We also have a talent attraction scheme which aims to bring skilled people to Scotland, so you'll gain a well-qualified and motivated workforce by locating here.

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How Hewlett Packard built a skilled team in Scotland

When Hewlett Packard was struggling to find staff with the skills that it needed to deliver to its clients, it turned to Scotland.

Chris Gough explains how locating Hewlett Packard's Enterprise Services operations in Scotland was the logical choice due to easy access to local talent and resources.

Academic connections

Take advantage of our close connections to the best academic institutions, in Scotland and abroad.

Scotland has more world-class universities per head of population than any other country except Luxembourg.

We also have a reputation for excellence in our education system. Five of our universities consistently rank in the top 200 in the world. (Source: Times Higher Education, 2016)

Scotland has the monopoly on Britain’s share of ancient universities. Four of the top five universities in Scotland were founded before 1600, with the oldest, St Andrews, dating back to 1413. 

These higher education institutes work with over 26,000 companies every year to turn R&D into new products.

All of Scotland's universities have been recognised as producing innovative research, and 77% of all research in Scottish institutions has been graded as world-leading or internationally excellent.

We can help connect you to the right academic partners.

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