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Our people and skills

From traditional industries to the latest in digital and tech, Scotland’s people have the cross-sector skills you need to grow and diversify your business.

Our world-class talent makes Scotland a place where future industries can rapidly scale. We'll help you succeed in high-growth sectors such as space, energy transition, software and IT, together with consumer industries, science and tech-related fields.

Why Scotland has the people you need

Why locate your business in Scotland? World-leading innovation and talent, a supportive business environment and enviable quality of life make Scotland the perfect place to grow.

  • Our highly skilled workforce

    Scotland's workforce is internationally recognised as one of the best trained and most reliable and cost-competitive labour forces in the world.

  • Our rich pool of graduates

    Scotland has one of the highest concentrations of universities in Europe. More than 50% of Scotland's working population has further education qualifications.

  • Our global community

    We welcome workers from all around the world, creating a workforce that’s rich in a variety of skills, experiences and languages.

Your business, at home in Scotland

The concept of how and where we work is constantly evolving. Scotland's forward-thinking approach means we can easily adapt to your company's changing needs.

Whether it's support for flexible working or an ultra-efficient workplace that inspires productivity, we have the facilities, connections and talent you need to achieve your business ambitions.

Plus, we’ll always keep you plugged into a valuable support network: a dynamic business community where researchers, industry groups, advisers, local government and intermediaries are on hand and ready to help.

Finding the right talent pool, which can readily adapt to change and has the right approach to flexible working, is fundamental and Scotland didn’t become known as one of the most attractive locations for investment by being tied to a 9 to 5 office routine.

Our people are creative thinkers who also value, and benefit from, a healthy work-life balance.

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Digital connectivity has never been more essential than it is today, as the case for a permanent ‘work from anywhere’ model gathers pace. The good news is that Scotland is ranked among the top 30 countries and cities for digital connectivity. Our future-proofed fibre network is on track to make Scotland one of the best-connected places anywhere in Europe.

As the case for dispersed working gathers momentum and global workplaces continue to evolve, we recognise that your real estate needs may need to change too.

Whether this means you need even more grade A office space, a reconfigured footprint, a global training facility or a network of touchdown hubs, Scotland can offer a range of options to meet your needs.

We see fair work – those well-paid and fulfilling jobs – as being fundamentally important to delivering inclusive growth, which in turn will drive innovation, productivity and inclusion in Scotland.

So, when you invest in Scotland, you’ll have access to a range of resources, funding and tools to support your fair and flexible working objectives.

World-class education and training

Scotland offers a revolutionary curriculum and internationally-renowned universities. Whether you’re thinking of locating to Scotland and moving your family here or just want to hire the best staff for your business, our fantastic education system is right on your doorstep.

Scotland’s universities are among some of the best in the world, and the research coming out of them sets us apart as global leaders.

While the University of Edinburgh is ranked among the top 30 universities in the world, four Scottish universities are ranked in the global top 250 according to the 2024 Times Higher Education World University Rankingsopens in a new window.

This means that not only is more than 50% of our population equipped with higher education qualifications, but many have received education from world-class institutions, ensuring the high-quality talent pool you need.

Scotland has a network of 26 colleges covering every part of the country and supporting people of all ages in gaining the technical, professional and vocational skills needed to thrive in Scotland’s economy.

More about universities in Scotland on Scotland.orgopens in a new window 

Ground-breaking research

Our people aren’t just highly skilled – many are leading experts in their field, contributing to ground-breaking research that is changing the world: 87% of Scottish university research is deemed to have 'outstanding' or 'very considerable' impact.

Scotland has a great track record of turning this research into business, with the highest rate of university spinouts in the UK.

Low staff turnover

Did you know that Scots are also known for their loyalty?

With typically low attrition rates across many industries, existing investors tell us they’ve benefited from staff turnover levels so low, it's 'unprecedented'. This means less disruption to your business operations in Scotland, helping things run smoothly and making it easy for you to employ and retain staff.

Strong multilingual workforce

Language and communication capabilities are another of our strengths. Our strong multilingual workforce speaks 170 languages, allowing you to access the language skills you need.

Digital skills for the digital economy

Data is the future. Scotland recognises the value of data, and is committed to promoting its responsible use to benefit our society and economy. That means big investment in our training hubs.

Between 2018 and 2028, the University of Edinburgh will train 100,000 people in data applications across major sectors, and will partner with Heriot-Watt University on data-based projects across the public, private and third sectors. This will create a richer pool of data, digital and tech expertise that growing businesses can tap into.

Hire talented people in Scotland

Discover how Scotland's digital talent can support your business (including how you can grow your own by employing a graduate, intern or apprentice):

Hire from outside Scotland

TalentScotland can help employers attract, develop and retain skilled professionals. Whether you need advice about relocating your staff, hiring from outside the UK or anything in between, they can help.

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