Scottish-Dutch collaboration eyes growth in digital health market

IDCP Scotland, a collaboration between Dutch distribution and marketing company IDCP Group and University of Strathclyde graduate Jamie Thomson, is aiming to become an R&D hub for digital medical technologies.

Support for integrated digital health solutions

Glasgow-based life science company IDCP Scotland plans to become a research and development (R&D) hub for digital medical technologies thanks to early-stage funding from Scottish Enterprise and ongoing support from Scottish Development International.

IDCP Scotland was formed in 2020 as a partnership between Dutch distribution and marketing company IDCP Group and University of Strathclyde alumnus Jamie Thomson. Its vision is to commercialise technology to "revolutionise" a clinician’s workflow by producing simpler, more accessible and accurate systems.

IDCP Scotland will develop a suite of new opthamology products (for medical conditions relating to the eye) to support both clinicians and patients after receiving a SMART grant of £85,000 from Scotland’s national economic development agency.

Jamie, who is Managing Director of IDCP Scotland, said:

"At IDCP Scotland, we have been working hard since our incorporation to collaborate closely with both clinicians and academic bodies. Our aim is to target and identify essential products and services which are most needed within medicine, in particular ophthalmology.

"By working this way, it allows us to constantly adapt and improve our developments - so that they are not only relevant to clinicians and patients, but also are at the front line of research and development."

Jamie Thomson, Managing Director, IDCP Scotland

"Working together with our parent company, IDCP Group, and sister companies within the group, we hope to grow over the coming years into a centre for research and product development."

Jamie Thomson, Managing Director, IDCP Scotland

Innovations for healthcare at home and clinical workflows

IDCP Scotland plans to develop several products, including digital vision testing and an artificial eye model. The products are based on early-level technology development carried out by researchers at the University of Strathclyde and patented by the intellectual property and commercialisation team within Strathclyde Inspire. These patents have been licensed to IDCP Scotland to take forward.

By using their connections with the University of Strathclyde and NHS Scotland, IDCP Group aims to be active at all stages from idea development to market.

IDCP Group CEO Jan Boers explained:

"This approach will allow the company to develop integrated solutions for applications. This will be based on a software system that can be easily incorporated into any telemedicine solution and clinical workflow."

"The current focus for IDCP Scotland is on ophthalmology, but the group is also active in audiology and dermatology, where future R&D activities are also envisioned. The IDCP Group specialises in the development and commercialisation of digital technologies in the field of screening and sensoring."

Jan Boers, CEO, IDCP Group

How we helped

Our local specialists worked with Almere-headquartered IDCP to support the company’s entry into Scotland and provide introductions to key sector stakeholders.

Mark Hallan, our Director of Global Investment, said: "Scotland is internationally renowned for its strengths in life sciences because of our incredible talent, world-class universities and supportive business environment.

"IDCP Scotland is an exciting, innovative company that has ambitious plans to make a real difference for ophthalmology clinicians and their patients. We have been delighted to work with IDCP both here in Scotland and in The Netherlands and look forward to seeing the outcomes of their research."

"Inward investment creates a pathway for alliances to be formed between international businesses and indigenous companies, breaking down geographical barriers and providing a catalyst for innovation. IDCP Scotland is an excellent example of such a global partnership in action."

Mark Hallan, Director of Global Investment, Scottish Development International

Access technology innovation expertise and commercialisation support

The University of Strathclyde is a leading international technological university based in the centre of Glasgow. Licensing is a vibrant activity at the university and has generated cumulative royalty income of more than £42 million.

Gillian Docherty, the university’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: "We are delighted to support IDCP Scotland as it begins its commercial journey by providing the company with access to innovative ophthalmic diagnostics developed by the university."

More about IDCP Scotland

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