11 future technologies and Scotland's expertise

Data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) are just a few of the digital technologies set to transform every sector of our global economy, from manufacturing to agriculture. Scotland's long tradition of tech innovation is stronger than ever, making it the place to be to do great things digitally.

"Scotland’s IoT network provides the perfect environment for companies to test, develop and commercialise new services, and is just one of many examples of Scotland’s advanced technological expertise."

Alisdair Gunn, director at Framewire and one of Scotland's leading digital tech experts shares his insights:

Scotland's digital economy

At the start of a new decade, Scotland’s data, digital and technology industries are ambitious and acting now. They’re leading the accelerated commercial development of deep technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing.

This is shown by Scotland's drive to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions and its ambition to capture £4 billion of the global space sector by 2030.

Data is the engine behind all IoT and AI solutions and is the focus of the Edinburgh-based Data-Driven Innovation initiative, which aims to position Edinburgh as the data capital of Europe.

With Scotland’s thriving data sector set to be worth £20 billion over the next five years, many of Scotland’s data-centric small and medium enterprises can be found developing the latest platforms and solutions for financial, health and manufacturing sectors. Here are 11 future technologies at the heart of Scotland's digital ambition:

Advanced technologies in Scotland

Innovating for a better future

Scotland has a globally competitive, entrepreneurial economy that’s making positive contributions internationally, focused on creating a more successful country, particularly around wellbeing and inclusive growth. 

Helping organisations develop ways to tackle climate change is just one of the recent initiatives announced by the Scottish Government to support the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Many of the current themes emerging from Scotland’s industries support the development of innovative ideas that will help shape technological solutions to the big challenges facing our society and economy, both now and in the future.

Connect with Scotland's technology companies

Browse our Scottish technology company directories for a range of businesses developing transformative innovative solutions:

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