Low carbon heat

Scotland is rapidly pursuing the decarbonisation of heat, creating a huge range of opportunities for low carbon heat projects and investment.

Did you know?

Scotland’s commitment to decarbonisation is demonstrated by our world-leading climate change targets, such as net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

75% reduction in emissions

Scotland has the toughest statutory target in the world for a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

£2 billion public finance

has been allocated long-term to a new public investment bank to decarbonise Scotland’s economy.

£3bn green investment opportunity

launched by the Scottish Government to attract new low carbon investments into Scotland.

A unique opportunity

Scotland is setting the pace for the rest of the world

Having already largely decarbonised electricity, Scotland is now pursuing the decarbonisation of heat as a national priority. Heat is the single largest source of carbon emissions in Scotland and the largest element of our energy demand.

With the lowest rate of decarbonised heat of any country in Europe, twinned with the toughest statutory ambition in the world, we need to rapidly scale up the expansion of low carbon heat capacity.

The combination of these factors means the scale of the low carbon heat opportunity in Scotland is enormous, presenting immediate opportunities across the industry.

Low carbon heat projects underway in Scotland

Benefit from ongoing support

With a compact geography, engaged and connected industry leaders and active support from the Scottish Government, Scotland offers an accessible, well-connected and collaborative location for your low carbon heat project.

We know that industry engagement is crucial to success. That’s why our research excellence is aligned with – and supported by – a network of innovation centres that have been designed by industry for industry-led collaborations.  

  • Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) – Europe’s largest energy research partnership with specialist expertise in heating/cooling technologies, thermal energy storage and supply/demand mapping 
  • Construction Scotland Innovation Centre – Industry-led centre to support businesses to deliver transformational change in construction, including increasing efficiency  
  • Scottish Energy Centre – Renewable energy and sustainable design in construction, including thermal simulation 
  • CENSIS – Scotland's Innovation Centre for accelerating business growth through sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, including an IoT project to tackle fuel poverty 
  • The Data Lab – Industry-led innovation centre that enables new data science capabilities to develop in a collaborative environment, including a data-informed approach to heating systems 

Why Scotland for low carbon heat?

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