Scotland's emerging climate technologies

Scotland is poised to take a leading role in developing new technology that can help meet the challenge of global climate change. A new report captures the growth and investment potential of climate tech, highlighting some of the Scottish companies already successfully working in this space.

“The race to net zero and addressing climate change are global priorities. Scotland is superbly well positioned to become a climate tech centre of global excellence, building on the nation’s expertise in renewable energy, low-carbon transport and cutting emissions in both the rural and urban environment.”

Karen Meechan, Chief Executive Officer of ScotlandIS

"Scotland is on the cusp of a climate tech revolution," says a recent Climate Tech report from ScotlandIS – the trade body and collective voice of Scotland’s vibrant technologies industry. Scotland is developing advanced climate technology applications across many sectors including energy, transport and mobility, agriculture, food systems, manufacturing and construction.

Underpinning these technologies is Scotland’s rich culture of innovation and a supportive ecosystem. Scottish companies have the know-how and the ability to optimise digital tech and data science to help deliver solutions that will address and lessen the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Here’s a snapshot of Scottish companies behind the 'climate tech revolution', helping to shape a greener future for all:

Presentation at the Data Lab, Edinburgh

Applied climate technologies being developed in Scotland

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