Scottish pharma company to manufacture Covid-19 vaccine for clinical trials

Specialist pharma services firm, Symbiosis has signed an agreement with multinational AstraZeneca to sterile manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine, known as AZD1222 for clinical trials.

“Our team is immensely proud to be able to make a highly meaningful contribution to the global fight against Covid-19 and the urgent efforts to develop a successful vaccine.”

Colin Mackay, founder and CEO of Symbiosis

Under the agreement, AstraZeneca will have fast-track access to Symbiosis’ sterile manufacturing capacity to supply the vaccine drug product for clinical trials. 

Based in Scotland, Symbiosis has many years of direct experience manufacturing medicines and vaccines of this nature for clinical trials and commercial markets. 

The agreement follows AstraZeneca's recent announcement of a licensing agreement with the University of Oxford for the global development, manufacturing, and distribution of the AZD1222 vaccineThe possible vaccine is currently in clinical trials at multiple sites in the UK. 

“We’re delighted to be able to leverage our expertise and competitive strengths to accelerate the development of this vaccine for AstraZeneca and to add value to the project.”

Colin Mackay, founder and CEO of Symbiosis

Unique manufacturing capability

Scotland’s life science sector has long been at the forefront of innovation and pioneering medical treatments. And Symbiosis’ collaboration with AstraZeneca is a great example of how Scotland’s world-leading life sciences sector is working with partners across the globe to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Symbiosis has several specialist manufacturing capabilities that are unique in the UK. Its service offering has enabled the company to build a global client base and employ 100 highly qualified staff from its headquarters in Stirling.

This agreement with AstraZeneca is a fantastic endorsement of Symbiosis’ capabilities, and highlights Scotland’s globally renowned reputation for life sciences and manufacturing.

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