Space tech

The space industry globally is growing at pace, with new developments in both traditional space exploration and NewSpace (private space flight). Scotland's space tech companies and research centres are leading lights, finding solutions to global problems such as climate change, as well as attracting talented individuals from other sectors in transition.

Education, expertise and environment

Scotland's solutions for the space industry.

Education excellence

Scotland's leading the development of gravitational wave research via the LISA Pathfinder and LISA missions.

Manufacturing expertise

Glasgow builds more satellites than anywhere else outside of California.

Low risk environment

There are three potential vertical launch sites in Scotland - strategic locations for small satellites to easily reach low earth orbits.

Scotland - the space tech capital of Europe

Scotland has a strong and growing presence globally in the space sector. If you have satellite data issues needing solved, satellites you wish to launch (there is currently no capability for this elsewhere in Europe), satellites you need built, or access to world-leading space research, Scottish companies could well have the right solutions for you.

Scotland’s space industry is made up of more than 130 companies, employing more than 8,000 people in space upstream and downstream activities.

It has UK and European leading expertise in space manufacturing and applications capabilities, as well as other companies supporting the value chain in areas such as advanced forming, Earth observation and digital technologies. 

Thanks to close relationships with Scottish universities and innovation centres, there's a stream of new products or innovations being developed to support the global space sector.   

Scotland’s end-to-end space capabilities

There are an impressive range of end-to-end capabilities, from upstream to downstream in Scotland’s space cluster, with companies providing the following products and services:

Space manufacturing 

Accounts for more than half of employment in Scotland’s sector (excluding Direct Home Transmission activities), including:

  • Manufacture of sub-systems for satellites and spacecraft
  • Manufacture of component parts - sensors, antenna, space batteries, space-wire used in the space sector

Space operations (upstream) 


  • Spaceports
  • Launch providers

Applications (downstream) 


  • Processing of satellite data (e.g. Earth observation)
  • Third-party ground segment operations
  • Scientific instruments
  • Satellite-comms (e.g. satellite TV, 4G and soon 5G networks)
  • Satellite-based navigation systems

Ancillary services 


  • Market research
  • Consultancy services

Space research centres 


  • The Higgs Centre for Innovation
  • Royal Observatory
  • LISA pathfinder mission

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