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UK-EU trade deal and Scotland's place in Europe

05 Jan 2021 • 7 minute read

What does UK-EU trade deal mean for your investment and trade with Scotland? Scotland’s deep connections with Europe remain.

Scotland, as part of the UK, may well have left the European Union, but Scotland’s deep and longstanding connections with Europe remain. Our universities and workplaces are open to you, always. As one of the most innovative UK locations for investment and trade, Scotland continues its close relationships with EU countries and businesses, welcoming those who choose to live and work here.

Be part of Scotland's green recovery

What does the post-Brexit UK-EU trade deal mean for your investment and trade with Scotland?

Scotland is no longer part of the EU, but as a progressive nation, Scotland is committed to staying as close to Europe as possible. We continue to work collaboratively with our European friends, around our shared values and interests to tackle global issues together, and towards a fair and green recovery from the pandemic.

We’re actively engaged in European networks and continue to strengthen our relationships in EU markets, supported by Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, our international partners, networks and innovation hubs. We’re open to sharing our learning and expertise to support policy and funding developments on green projects that will create opportunities for businesses, universities, colleges and communities across Scotland.

Our support extends to Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies, helping companies, whether based in Scotland or setting up operations here, to adapt their business and supply chains to the changing business environment. This means building resilience and supporting investment in people, technology and markets that will pay dividends longer term.

Hydrogen is rapidly emerging across the international community as a sustainable solution for the decarbonisation of the economy. Scotland is prepared to play its full part together with other European nations. The Scottish Government is investing £100 million over the next five years opens in a new window to support a green recovery and Scotland’s transition to net zero.

Learn about Scotland’s role in a hydrogen energy future 

Open spaces to collaborate

We’ve set up innovation and investment hubs in Dublin, London, Brussels, Berlin and Paris. This is part of wider work across government, partners and businesses to support trade, investment, innovation and relations with other governments in Europe. These hubs are the ideal platform to explore investment opportunities in Scotland. And an opportunity to work with others, with Scottish industry and universities.

Each hub is different and tailored to the opportunities present in the market it’s located in. As well as promoting trade and inward investment, the hubs also cover broader economic opportunities, including:

  • Promoting Scotland's research, innovation, industrial, social and cultural strengths
  • Building diplomatic relations between governments
  • Pursuing cultural collaborations
  • Exploring collaborative research and innovation opportunities

These hubs complement our other offices across Europe and globally.

Our innovation and investment hubs in Europe

Our first innovation and investment hub, in Dublin, was launched in February 2016 to serve as our representation in the Republic of Ireland. It provides dedicated support for building on the pre-existing links between the Republic of Ireland and Scotland. The Dublin hub aims to bring together us and our agencies, as well as public and private partners, to:

  • Promote trade and investment links
  • Strengthen relations between government
  • Enable greater partnership working on economic, academic and innovation projects

The Dublin hub arranges and assists with trade missions, ministerial visits, and conversations between governments at an official level. It also links up Scottish and Irish businesses that might be interested in events or opportunities in either country.

The Dublin hub works across a range of sectors, including financial services, creative arts, culture and heritage, renewables, low carbon, clean tech and energy efficiency.

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Our London innovation and investment hub, named Scotland House London, operates as a collaborative project between the Scottish Government opens in a new window , Scotland’s enterprise agencies and VisitScotland. Scotland House provides a permanent presence in London to:

  • Pursue economic and business benefits for businesses
  • Raise the profile of Scottish investment opportunities
  • Support the development of international collaborations and research partnerships
  • Provide opportunities to secure funding for innovation and research
  • Strengthen our inter-governmental relations
  • Help protect Scotland's place in Europe

Scotland House London also provides companies based in Scotland with a low cost, low risk and flexible home from home in which to engage with global businesses. 

Once you’ve set up operations in Scotland, are trading and committed to growth, Scotland House community membership is open to you. Benefits include access to facilities, meeting rooms and event space. Take a virtual tour.

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Scotland has had a long-established presence in Brussels, celebrating 20 years in Scotland House at Rond-Point Schuman.

With Scotland’s newly established network of innovation and investment hubs across Europe, operations in Scotland House Brussels have stepped up. This gives us an even more effective platform to adapt to the changing business environment and enhance our commitment to playing an active role in Europe, supporting our collaborative approach to working with Scottish, EU and international stakeholders.

Our partners of Scotland House Brussels are the Scottish Government,  Scotland Europa opens in a new window  and  Scottish Enterprise opens in a new window .

Scotland House Brussels is the window to Scotland for the EU and wider European and international partners in Brussels. It’s a fully integrated operation providing services to support Scotland's economic growth, diplomatic interests and cultural promotion at the EU level.

We use our expertise and experience to promote Scotland's innovation capability and attract EU investment to Scotland. We also support Scottish organisations to build skills, capacity relationships and productive international networks in key opportunity areas.

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Our German innovation and investment hub opened in April 2018 to foster the right conditions and relationships that Scottish companies and organisations need to internationalise and grow:

  • Promoting investment between German and Scottish businesses and organisations
  • Increasing Scottish Government influence and engagement with Germany
  • Encouraging collaboration between business, research, education and cultural institutions
  • Building on Scotland's reputation as a destination of choice to work, study and visit

The hub is a focal point for Scottish Government engagement across central Europe and jointly houses Scottish Government and Scottish Development International staff. It’s located at Wilhelmstraße 70 in central Berlin.

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Our French innovation and investment hub opened in autumn 2018. It will help to: 

  • Increase Scottish Government influence and engagement with France
  • Build on existing trade and investment activity to boost Scotland’s trade with France, including supporting successful trade missions to help Scottish companies win business, and to identify and deliver investment projects that create jobs in Scotland 
  • Promote strong links between French and Scottish businesses, academia and other organisations and to identify innovation-focused opportunities in France
  • Encourage more collaboration between business, research, education and cultural institutions
  • Build on Scotland's reputation as a welcoming destination of choice to live, work, study and visit and do business 

The hub is a central point for the Scottish Government to engage across France and jointly houses Scottish Government and Scottish Development International staff. It’s located at 16 Rue d’Anjou in central Paris.  

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