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AGIC helps Scotland lead the way in manufacturing

12 Jul 2022 • 4 minute read

Learn about AGIC — a centre of manufacturing excellence which aims to transform capability through innovation and learning.

Arrol Gibb Innovation Campus (AGIC) is Scotland's new large-scale high-value manufacturing facility, located on the Firth of Forth. When complete, the site will offer manufacturers access to powerful industrial and academic capabilities as well as skill sharing opportunities.

Centred around Babcock International’s Rosyth site, Arrol Gibb Innovation Campus (AGIC) will be the first large-scale digitally enabled high-value manufacturing facility for the marine and energy transition sectors in the UK.

At this 140-hectare (350-acre) global centre of excellence, researchers, engineers, tradespeople and a range of other talented people are working to transform manufacturing through innovation and skills development.

Investment and development opportunities

The site has over 50 acres of land with development potential – benefiting from waterfront, road and rail access and unique large-scale industrial capabilities. Development on this site has been continuous for several years. This ongoing work enables AGIC to provide an excellent home for both new and established manufacturing companies.

Bringing together Babcock International, two universities, the regional college and the Government, AGIC is driving innovation in large-scale assets and skills, from the research centre to the shop floor. It will offer a range of core academic and industrial capabilities at one site.

Current projects include:

AGIC's Large Scale Advanced Manufacturing facilities provide Scotland with a serious competitive advantage. They unite academic and engineering expertise with physical processing capability to deliver competitive modern facilities. These facilities will also help the country – and the companies operating at AGIC – meet net zero goals.

Bringing together world-class expertise and resources, the Centre will support and coordinate manufacturing research programmes in sectors including:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Offshore renewable energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Energy transition
  • Commercial maritime
  • Modular infrastructure

Through these programmes, AGIC will aim to reduce the financial and operational risks often associated with large-scale manufacturing projects, through skills development and prototype trials for large-scale assets.

AGIC is an ideal location for developing, manufacturing and testing large, lightweight composite structures like turbine blades and bridge sections.

AGIC’s composites facilities include Edinburgh University’s FASTBLADE, the world’s first testing centre to use regenerative hydraulic technology for fatigue testing of composite structures. It provides higher quality datasets for developers, allowing them to more quickly evaluate products, gain certification and get them to market.

FASTBLADE also opens countless new research opportunities around new, more sustainable composite materials.

AGIC’s robotics programme is addressing current robotics challenges, specifically those faced in large-scale manufacturing, shipbuilding and decommissioning. It will allow companies to take new approaches to robotics and use innovations not currently available on the market.

The programme’s aim is to help AGIC’s companies take advantage of new developments in robotics while increasing the efficiency and safety of engineering projects.

AGIC’s Digital Factory will allow companies to use data to boost large scale manufacturing performance, productivity, efficiency and safety.

Digital Factory projects will give companies access to cutting-edge technologies, including digital twins — a digital copy of an object, which lets engineers make alterations and spot problems without building costly prototypes. The Digital Factory will also provide the resources for more experimental, ‘blue sky’ research projects that companies want to explore.

Shared skills, knowledge and resources

One of AGIC’s main benefits is that, by creating a space for this diverse set of capabilities and partners, it enables all companies to benefit from the wide pool of expertise and experience across the campus.

Early-stage businesses will have access to AGIC’s Innovation Incubator, a programme which includes skills development, mentoring and office space, access to useful datasets, and the use of cutting-edge manufacturing tools.

Cross-campus skills development programmes will give all companies a chance to share knowledge, resources and talent – greatly cutting the time, effort and money required to access outside support for projects.

World-class location for manufacturing

Rosyth is already an established location for manufacturing and engineering expertise. AGIC’s connections with some of Scotland’s finest educational institutions — including the Universities of Edinburgh and Strathclyde and Fife College — will build on this, providing a steady pipeline of skilled talent.

The AGIC site is located next to the Forth Bridges, meaning there’s easy access to Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland. From the campus, it’s possible to reach London in four hours by train.

Companies will be encouraged to access Scotland’s National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) opens in a new window , a hub for manufacturing research and development facilities and collaboration opportunities. NMIS provides access to innovative technologies and connects manufacturers with a wide network of industry partners.

Easy access to various Scottish tech and innovation ecosystems like CENSIS opens in a new window , ETP opens in a new window and The Data Lab opens in a new window is another huge bonus. Companies will be within short reach of impartial innovation specialists whenever they need them. AGIC has already commissioned The Data Lab to help build its cloud computing capabilities.

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