9 Scottish education technology companies to watch

With growing demand for innovative tech solutions in education, Scotland’s smartest edtech companies are rising to the challenge, supporting schools and education providers worldwide.

This is particularly relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic, where technology is providing a bridge to online learning and everyday communications. It can also help with issues such as teacher shortages, workload, pupil behaviour and improve factors such as inclusivity, mental health and children’s online safety and security.

It is a fast-growing sector with schools in the UK alone currently spending about £0.9 billion on education technology. Consultancy, HolonIQ, has projected that by 2025, global edtech spending will have increased to $342 billion (£275 billion), more than double the spend in 2018.

Dynamic ecosystem

Scotland’s edtech expertise has been steadily growing with a dynamic ecosystem of 70 companies covering a range of technology solutions to help:

  • Improve teaching practices
  • Process assessments efficiently and effectively
  • Reduce administrative burdens 
  • Support easy, flexible, life-long learning to both teachers and students
Robotical's Marty the Robot

Scotland's innovative edtech leaders

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