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Living in Scotland

Living in Scotland is good, however you measure it.

Life is culturally rich, with an enviable standard of living. Commutes are short, schools are excellent and health care is free.

Scotland's history and landscape are a draw to millions of tourists, and the great outdoors is one huge playground, full of possibilities.

Cosmopolitan cities are full of life, entertainment and some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.  

That's why companies like yours choose to call Scotland home.

The benefits of a city with access to the country

Stream has offices in Glasgow, London and Dallas, with its main operations based here in Scotland.

Being based in Glasgow means that Stream staff enjoy all the benefits of living in a city, but with the advantages of having the countryside right on their doorstep.

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The mix of social scene, the bars and the restaurants, and the interconnectedness of Glasgow with other countries around the world, makes it a fantastic place to build a business.

Nigel Chadwick, CEO of Stream

People don’t just choose Scotland. They live it.

Want to know what it’s like to live in Scotland?

From exciting cities and friendly people to stunning landscapes and great restaurants, there are lots of reasons why people from all over the world love living and working in here.

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A great place to live and work

Scotland has been the ideal location for Minecraft developer 4J Studios to thrive – and the quality of life here is a big reason why it has been able to attract and retain the talent it needs to grow.

"It takes me no more than five minutes from my location in the city centre to be out in the middle of nowhere, cycle all day and see almost no vehicles. There are very few places on the planet that you can do that and then have access to world-class talent, and great urban centres as well.”- Chris van der Kuyl, chairman of 4J Studios

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Alternatives to the megacity

When choosing a business location, it pays to look beyond the obvious.

Megacities might seem like the obvious place to grow a business, but they come with downsides. Smaller cities like Edinburgh – with its thriving tech scene – prove that you don’t need a heaving metropolis to attract investment and build products. 

Explore your options

We've got people from all over Europe, Asia and America. They're drawn to Edinburgh, and they stay here because they fall in love with it.

Steve Tigar, CEO of MoneyDashboard

Discover a Scotland full of wonderful surprises.

International operations director - Neil Francis

Scotland is now. It's live. It's brimming with opportunity. And here for the taking. With offices all over the world, our knowledgeable staff can talk you through how your business can benefit from the country's many capabilities and the funding support that may be available to you.

SDI will help you identify premises and investment opportunities. And we'll also help you access funding to help create jobs, research and development and training programmes.

Why not contact us? Please tell us what you have in mind. A specialist from your region or sector will get back to you. Or you can call us.

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