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Light path over River Clyde at Finnieston

Living in Scotland

Living in Scotland is good, however you measure it.

Life is culturally rich, with an enviable standard of living. Commutes are short, schools are excellent and health care is free of charge.

Scotland's history and landscape are a draw to millions of tourists, and the great outdoors is one huge playground, full of possibilities.

Cosmopolitan cities are full of life, entertainment and all that is great about a modern European country with a very special, friendly character.

That's why companies like yours choose to call Scotland home.

I have everything here I’m looking for

Alison Bishop moved from London to Scotland to become the director of contract research organisation PPD. She quickly discovered how welcoming and refreshingly different living and working in Scotland can be.

I have everything here I’m looking for – interesting job, great life. The welcoming community and friendly people make it home.

Alison Bishop, PPD

"Our people love where they live - which is the best recipe for retention."

We helped Avaloq meet the right people, find business partners and make contacts at top universities.

Swiss company Avaloq make banking software, and their success depends on their close alignment to their customers. Locating in Scotland put them close to financial markets, as well as giving them access to the brightest computer science graduates.

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Why I picked Scotland’s capital

SDI have supported miiCard through co-invesment from the Scottish Investment Bank, innovation support, and overseas market development. James Varga explains why Edinburgh is the best place for miiCard's HQ.

The lifestyle element of Edinburgh beats anywhere in the UK – and the world – hands down.

James Varga, CEO of miiCard
The Kelpies in Falkirk with light path

A place for growing your business

In the last five years over 200 overseas companies, who have chosen Scotland as a location, have continued to grow here. Once in Scotland companies see the potential to grow, backed by the support we can offer .

Scotland is up to 30 percent cheaper to setup and run a facility than other parts of the UK.

It is also up to 40 percent more cost-effective to locate in Scotland than in other parts of the UK.

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Support in every step

You will be supported before, during and after you locate in Scotland.

Many successful businesses have benefited from being in Scotland with the support gained from SDI. We provide the help, advice and connections to ensure that inward investment companies get the support they need to fully benefit from being in Scotland.

In an evaluation of SDI’s performance, almost 50 percent of businesses reported that they had met customers/partners that they would have otherwise not have been able to meet. 

Setting up in Scotland
The i-limb ultra revolution

Innovation in Scotland

In medicine, science, engineering and more, Scotland has long been a hot-bed of invention, exploration and discovery.

We continue to have the largest concentration of universities in Europe, with at least four in the world’s top 200.

We do more research per head of population than anywhere else, and Scotland is, unsurprisingly, the top location for R&D in the UK.

With a range of tax credits and funding available, it's time to find out why Scotland is the natural home for innovative companies.

Discover a Scotland full of wonderful surprises.

International operations director - Neil Francis

With 42 offices in 20 countries, our knowledgeable staff can talk you through Scotland’s capabilities and the funding support that may be available to you.

SDI will help you with identifying premises and investment opportunities and access funding for employment creation, R&D and training programmes.

Tell us a bit about your business and a specialist from your region or sector will get back to you.

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