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Setting up a company

It can take only 24 hours to register a company here, and typically two weeks to get an enterprise up and running.

When you set up a business in Scotland, you need to register as a private limited company or the UK branch of a foreign company. 

Get guidance on how to choose the right structure for your business in Scotland, get insurance and find an accountant or solicitor.

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When it comes to business, we don't waste time

Find out how we helped Spire set up in Scotland quickly and easily.

"I initially visited SDI's Silicon Valley office when I was still living in San Francisco. This was probably the end of August, early September, and I told them we're interested in Scotland and want to get an office set up right away. We want it to be at the beginning of the year. 

"They got me something in writing by November and we opened our office here by the end of January. That's very fast," - Theresa Condor, Spire

Recruitment support

TalentScotland helps Scottish-based businesses and investors attract, develop and retain skilled professionals for their business.

Recruitment support from TalentScotland

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Contact us

Talk to us about doing business in Scotland.

Our global staff can help you find the right finance and other support to help you establish your business in Scotland.

Whether you're ready to invest or trade, or just want to chat about a potential project, we're here to help.

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