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Sustainable economy

Looking to expand your business through new opportunities? Learn why Scotland's diverse and vibrant economy could be the perfect place for your business. We want to work with ambitious companies like yours with a vision for growth, innovation and success – those that share Scotland's values as a progressive, inclusive and sustainable country.

Our values

  • Fair work

    Well-paid, fulfilling jobs drive innovation and productivity. Access funding and tools to get the best from your people.

  • Inclusive prosperity

    Benefit from the long-term growth that comes from prioritising our people and planet, thanks to our focus on wellbeing. 

  • Net zero

    Choose a country that's leading the global push to cut emissions – and send your customers a clear message about your green credentials.

  • Why expand your business in Scotland?

    Grow with us and help build a greener, fairer future

    High productivity, pioneering innovations, advances in technology and high employment – these all help ensure equality and sustainability for your business.  

    When you invest in Scotland, you'll be based in a country that's a leader in sustainable offshore wind, hydrogen, clean heat, space and software and IT.  

    We're firmly committed to being a net-zero nation by 2045 and creating an internationally competitive energy transition by 2030. Your business will benefit from the huge opportunities created by a greener future. 

    You’ll access a range of resources, funding and tools to support your fair and flexible working objectives.

Growth opportunities for your business

For a valuable, sustainable return on investment, Scotland has all the right credentials to help you set up and expand your business, innovate, and access new markets. 

If you're based in Scotland, you'll have the the foundation to scale your innovation into high-growth industries, whether this involves the energy transition or growing your exports.

There are around 340,760 private sector enterprises currently operating in Scotland. An estimated 99.3% of these companies are small or medium-sized enterprises, providing 1.2 million jobs.

(Source: Scottish Government, Businesses in Scotland 2023opens in a new window  )

When you're looking to scale up and operate more efficiently, your business will benefit from our well-connected connected community and supply chain. These are supported by established and influential industry networks.

Your company will be able to thrive – through the sharing of knowledge, networks, research and best practice – from the moment you set up here. 

Explore opportunities across our diverse and growing industries.

Find your industry

Commercialise your research

Need help to commercialise your research or scale your business in Scotland? We can help accelerate your journey by connecting you with our partner networks.

Scotland’s long tradition of innovation remains as strong today as it’s ever been. We want businesses and entrepreneurs to flourish and develop technologies for the future, so we provide a nurturing environment.  

We’ll help your commercialise your research through collaboration between our universities, innovation centres and businesses.

Scotland gives you access to terrific talent for your organisation. Our education system rivals those of much larger countries. Scotland's 19 higher education institutions and 27 colleges of further education offer a steady stream of high-quality graduates. In fact, four of our universities appear in the global top 250.

Our universities are among those that produce more spinouts than anywhere else in the UK – which proves that Scotland’s researchers are at the top of the class. 

Read about Scotland's culture of innovation

Did you know?

Scotland is ranked as one of the top 10 large European regions of the future for foreign direct investment (FDI). Our country is rated as one of the most promising investment destinations in Europe. 

  • 4.4% unemployment rate

    Scotland has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.*

  • RSA grants up to £10 million

    Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) grants can support your projects and help to create jobs.** 

  • Four universities in global top 250

    Scotland has four universities ranked the world’s top 250, which gives you access to exceptional talent.***

*Scotland's labour market trends, Scottish Government, May 2024

**Scottish Enterprise, June 2024

***The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024

  • Foreign direct investment in Scotland

    Many global businesses which share our values have already chosen to locate, operate and grow in Scotland, and we would love you to join them. We are here for you throughout the journey – supporting you before, during and after you locate in Scotland.

    Scotland is the most attractive location in the UK outside of London for foreign direct investment (FDI), according to the EY Attractiveness Survey 2023.

    The survey revealed that Edinburgh was ranked  second in the UK for FDI projects outside of London. Glasgow and Aberdeen were also within the top ten list of UK cities. 

    The survey also found that Scotland’s digital technology, and utility supply generated the highest number of inward investment projects. 

    According to the Lambert Smith Hampton 2023 Vitality Index opens in a new window , Scottish locations rank highly for opportunity, with their average score the highest of any region covered by the report.  

    Edinburgh was recently ranked number one for quality of life in the first Totaljobs Quality of Living Index (UK) opens in a new window , with Glasgow coming in a close third. 

    More on Scotland's recent global investments 

Recent FDI projects in Scotland

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  • Lower costs

    By locating in Scotland, you will benefit from one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, together with low set-up and operating costs. Property and salary costs are up to 40% less than London.

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