Immigration and visas

Find information about different visa options if you want to relocate to or invest in Scotland.

Business visas in Scotland

If you’re a business or individual who wants to relocate to or invest in Scotland, you’ll need to consider different types of visa and immigration requirements.

Sponsorship and recruitment

Information about sponsoring and recruiting non-EU nationals to work for you in Scotland.

Representative Visa

Sole representative of an overseas business visa is closed to new applicants from 11 April 2022. Those already in the UK under this visa route before that date may still be able to extend their visa.

Standard Visitor Visa

As a business or investor in Scotland, you can obtain a short-term Standard Visitor Visa for business purposes.

Global Talent Visa

This visa is for those who are leaders or potential leaders in certain qualifying fields.


Start-up visa

For high-potential entrepreneurs looking to start up a business in Scotland for the first time. You’ll need endorsement from an approved endorsing body.

Innovator visa

For more experienced business people looking to establish a business in Scotland. You’ll need endorsement from an approved endorsing body and at least £50,000 in investment funds.

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