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Support from TalentScotland

In partnership with Scottish Development International and other agencies, TalentScotland aims to support more talent into Scotland.

Talent attraction

  • Helping talented individuals

    around the world find jobs in Scotland.

  • Helping overseas businesses and entrepreneurs

    settling in Scotland find and bring talent.

  • Helping Scottish businesses

    attract and retain international talent.

How we can help if you're...

Scotland’s Migration Service 

Scotland’s Migration Service provides support related to:  

  • Moving to and staying in Scotland 
  • Employing international workers 
  • Investing and building a business in Scotland 

The service offers practical information and advice for:  

  • People who have moved to Scotland within the past six months 
  • International students in their final year at a Scottish university or college who would like to stay in Scotland after graduation 
  • Employers based in Scotland who would like to employ international workers 
  • Investors based in another country who would like to set up or expand a business in Scotland 

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Choosing Scotland

If you’re still researching Scotland to decide if it’s the right place for you, you’ll find lots of information about living in Scotland on You’ll also find more information about the logistics of moving here.

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Working in Scotland

If you’ve decided Scotland is the right place for you, then we can’t wait to welcome you. You’ll find more information about finding a job, our working practices, what visas you’ll need, where to find companies and more right here on the Scottish International Development website.

Working in Scotland

Real life stories

If you want to speak to someone who’s already made the move to Scotland, we can help. Listen to stories from our Talent Ambassadors – people like you who have made the move to Scotland to grow their careers. If you’d like to speak to any of them directly to hear their experiences or ask questions, just get in touch and we’ll make sure to connect you.

Read our real life stories

If you’re an overseas business looking to set up in Scotland, Scottish Development International already provides lots of great information about the logistics involved. However, if you’re thinking of bringing employees with you, or want to hire international talent when you get here, we can help.

Setting up your business in Scotland 

Want to widen your search when it comes to hiring the right talent for your company? We can help you understand the logistics of hiring from overseas, how to check someone can legally work here, how the sponsorship process works, where to find talent and more.

Where to find talent 

Checking international qualifications 

Scotland's Migration Service

Do you need help navigating the visa and immigration rules around hiring international staff? 

Scotland's Migration Service can help you get advice that's specific to your organisation's needs.

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Talent Ambassadors

Our Talent Ambassadors are people who have already made the move to Scotland. You can share their stories with the individuals you’re looking to recruit, to help convince them Scotland is the right place for them.

We can also put your potential new recruits in touch with Talent Ambassadors directly, so that they can share their experience in more detail.

Read our real life stories 

Get support from TalentScotland

Get in touch with our helpful team and we’ll let you know about the support we can offer.