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Industrial and commercial textiles material

A truly world-leading industry

Scotland offers a host of iconic textiles.

Well known for our unrivalled creativity, innovation and collaboration, the textiles sector in Scotland has a great track record on the international stage. Huge global brands such as Chanel source textiles from Scotland and seek Scottish expertise.

No matter where you are in the world, we're here to help you find opportunities and partners in Scottish textiles. 

Rolls of wool

Which brands already buy Scottish?

Scotland's cashmere and tweeds are thought to be among the finest in the world, so it's no wonder some of the fashion industry's top brands source their garments here.

In fact, Chanel showed so much belief in our quality that, in 2012, the brand purchased Scottish knitwear supplier, Barrie.

Our top textiles exports include:

  • Knitwear - cashmere and lambswool
  • Woven fabrics - including tartans and tweed
  • Leather - for high-end use
  • Lace 
  • Technical and industrial textiles

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World-class textiles

Wilson Associates explore the unique variety of Scottish textiles.

Watch a video showing May Poon and Michael Crosby (principle designers at Wilson Associates) describe the unique variety of Scottish textiles and the talent, innovation and capability of Scottish textiles manufacturers.

Made in Scotland

Textiles for fashion, interiors and technical use.

Watch our new video trailer, showcasing some of Scotland's textile capabilities (and the top designers sourcing Scottish expertise).

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View a range of textiles produced in Scotland at the Textiles Scotland website

Traditional meets modern with Scottish styling

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Scotland offers a host of iconic textiles

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