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A land of food and drink

Scottish produce is hard to beat.

From our world-renowned whiskies and award-winning meat and seafood, to small-batch gins, craft beers, and innovative baked goods, Scotland is the home of quality and flavour. 

Boasting clear, clean waters, unpolluted air, and a fertile and dramatic landscape, Scotland champions the provenance of its premium products, and the skills of our talented and passionate food and drink producers. We work hand-in-hand with the Scottish Government, Scotland Food and Drink, and a wide variety of industry bodies and associations to carry that message of quality to the wider world.

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Premium products, premium brands


Scotland: a byword for quality

Valued across the globe.

From the best bars to the finest hotels and restaurants, Scottish produce is valued not only for its quality and flavour, but for the stories and heritage it embodies. 

After all, why eat a steak from an anonymous breed when you can tuck into a delicious cut of farm-assured, grass-fed, pure-bred Aberdeen Angus? Why offer your guests poor quality salmon when you can serve up the prime Scottish variety? And why toast a special occasion with an inferior ‘whisky’ when you can enjoy a glass of one of Scotland’s legendary malts?

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Trading with Scotland doesn't need to be difficult.

Whatever stage your business is at we can help. Our trade advisers will provide impartial advice to help you understand business practices in Scotland and help you make the most of the opportunities and support available.


From farm to plate

Coveted PGI status.

Many of the world’s top beef herds can trace their ancestry back to animals raised among the hills and glens of Scotland. 

That provenance is a closely guarded asset - one that ensures Scottish produce commands a premium price in the world’s markets. Take Scotch Beef, which was the first European red meat product to be granted the coveted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. It was closely followed by Scotch Lamb - recognition of their unique regional taste.

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Spirit of enterprise

There’s much more to Scotland’s distilling industry than just whisky.

The country also produces world-class gin, rum, and vodka. These spirits don't need the long maturation periods of Scotch whisky - which is why new distilleries, and a few familiar names, are producing the lighter, brighter spirits to satisfy a new generation of drinkers. 

Scotland, with its abundance of fresh water, ready grain supplies, and generations of distilling expertise, has the skills and resources to produce award-winning spirits. Gin, with its flexible recipes and relative simplicity of production, has proved the perfect spirit for those looking to create and sell their own brand.


Seafood fans fall for our produce hook, line and sinker

Producing the best

The world's finest ingredients speak for themselves.

From our farmers and fishermen to our processors and producers, the whole Scottish supply chain works to deliver the finest quality food and drink. After all, when you work with some of the world’s best raw ingredients, you want them to speak for themselves.

Our producers take pride in their skills, with many proud to put their family name to their products. With well-developed supply chains, and a thriving export sector, our producers like to meet and deal, face-to-face, with their customers. They are the best ambassadors for Scotland and its rich and varied larder.

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The cream of the crop

Scottish dairy herds produce some of the finest milk in Europe.

The country also boasts experienced stockmen and a globally competitive milk producer base. With a growing farm-based cheesemaker sector and an established large scale processing industry, Scotland has demonstrated it is an attractive place to invest and grow.

There's an extensive and highly developed support infrastructure, and our growing exports are recognised worldwide for their outstanding taste, flavour and texture.

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And then there are the cakes, breads, and beers

A taste of tradition

Shortbread. Oatcakes. Tablet. Scotland has a long tradition of making delicious baked goods, and many are already enjoyed all over the world. From Scotch pies to Dundee cake, there’s a strong appetite for our traditional products.

Exports are already valued at £100 million a year. And with a fresh crop of artisan bakers bringing a modern twist to old flavours, that figure is set to grow.

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Selling craft beer to the world

There are over 90 craft breweries in Scotland, and with big new names like BrewDog taking craft beer around the world, the sector is booming.

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Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, foodservice operator, importer or an agent - and wherever you are in the world - if you're interested in buying the very best Scottish food and drink products, our international team is there to help you. 

We have an extensive network of offices around the world. Our international staff live and work within their office locale, have a comprehensive understanding of your market-specific business needs and can help link you to Scottish food and drink producers and suppliers.

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