Offshore wind energy companies in Scotland

Scotland has specialist training programmes, thousands of wind energy supply chain businesses and consultancy services. Great partnerships start here.

Did you know?

When it comes to offshore wind capabilities and expertise, Scotland has an incredible track record.

Unrivalled natural resources

Scotland is the windbreak of Europe with over 3.5GW of offshore wind already operational or under construction and 6.4GW in the pipeline.

46,500 talented people

are employed in the renewables and low carbon industries.

50% of total energy demand

50% of Scotland’s total energy demand to be supplied by renewable sources by 2030.

Scotland excels in offshore wind energy services

The world’s interest and need for renewable energy has never been higher. In Scotland, we’re pushing the boundaries in technological and scientific development of renewable energy.

Scotland has over 9,000 wind energy supply chain businesses including some of the best, most inventive firms in the world. They offer specialist training programmes, wind energy consultancy services and are developing the next generation of wind energy technologies.

Scotland is meeting the global demand for cost-efficient offshore wind solutions. In addition, the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, is Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility.

When it comes to offshore wind capabilities and expertise, Scotland’s track record is undisputable. It has been over 10 years since the world’s first 30MW deep-water floating wind farm, Hywind, was developed in Scotland.

Two of the largest offshore wind projects in the world, the 950MW Moray East project and the 1,075MW Seagreen project, are both under construction in Scotland. The 50MW Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm is also under construction and will become the largest floating wind array in the world.

Offshore expertise 

Scotland's track record

Within Scotland’s offshore wind energy supply chain are specialist businesses that are at the forefront of developing technology. They are grounded in decades of subsea expertise and are supported by academics and researchers from world-class institutions.

In 2020, Scotland’s world-leading wind sector exported a record £745 million worth of electricity—making Scotland a global wind-energy powerhouse.

Scotland has deep water innovation in offshore wind floating concepts, cabling expertise and specialists in blade manufacturing. There are also engineers, scientists, data analysts and academics from a well-resourced wind energy sector. This means businesses are constantly innovating, breaking down technological and scientific barriers, to ensure the large-scale adoption of wind as an affordable, even cheaper energy alternative to fossil-fuels.

Choose Scotland for offshore wind energy solutions


There’s more offshore wind energy innovation underway in Scotland today than ever before.

With the UK Government’s £160 million commitment towards green energy research and development, Scotland’s businesses remain at the cutting-edge of offshore wind energy innovation. They are developing next-generation floating wind turbines, designed using the most advanced mooring technology on the planet.


As the race toward renewables intensifies, customers are taking advantage of Scotland’s well-established expertise in offshore energy projects.

There are also world firsts such as the Beatrice deepwater offshore wind demonstrator and Equinor’s Hywind floating offshore wind farm. As a result, businesses in Scotland offer products, services and manufacturing to customers worldwide, allowing them to increase their access to wind energy solutions.

Project management

Scotland has nearly 20 years of experience in planning, developing and operating some of the world’s biggest, deep water and most advanced floating offshore wind farms.

Our subsea capabilities have benefited energy operations across the globe and with our northerly latitude, we are the windiest country in Europe. Few can demonstrate such an array of complementary conditions and business-ready infrastructure to advance the availability of offshore wind energy resources.


Many traditional energy companies are now beginning to look towards renewables.

Because of our offshore energy expertise, Scottish firms including tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, are uniquely placed to help customers transform their core business models or pivot to new opportunities in a way that ensures the asset’s long term economic viability.

At the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm, ongoing research in the areas of blade testing, retrofitting techniques and maintenance regimes is ensuring our supply chain offers the most cost effective offshore wind solutions.

Successful Scottish offshore wind energy companies

Global Energy Group

Based besides the Cromarty Firth, Global Energy Group boasts an impressive track record of providing manufacture, assembly and factory acceptance testing services to the renewable energy sector. As well as assembling turbines and manufacturing and assembling tidal turbine foundations, they supply an extensive range of offshore wind infrastructure products.

ACT Blade

The ACT Blade is a light and controllable wind turbine blade. The innovative design allows for longer blades which increases energy production and reduces the cost of energy. ACT blade was founded in November 2015, following the completion of a feasibility study conducted in collaboration with DNV-GL and Offshore Renewable Catapult. Not only is it extremely effective, it has been designed to be partly recyclable and to use recycled material, reducing landfill waste.

Xodus Group

Xodus Group is one of the world’s leading offshore energy consultancies providing technical, environmental and engineering support to a wide range of clients within oil and gas and offshore wind and marine renewables (wave and tidal) industries.

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