Hydrogen companies in Scotland

Looking to make your business more sustainable? Find renewable energy companies in Scotland with expertise in hydrogen solutions.

Did you know?

With its natural resources, engineering innovation and research and development capabilities, Scotland has one of the best ecosystems for the hydrogen economy in Europe.

Net zero by 2045

Scotland's climate change targets are world leading.

2000 companies

make up Scotland's unrivalled energy supply chain.

Pioneering projects

Scotland already has 20 green and blue hydrogen projects.

Harnessing hydrogen 

The lightest, simplest, most abundant element in the universe

Moving from unsustainable fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is the only way to repair and protect our planet. Hydrogen represents a great opportunity in the transition to renewable energy. It’s carbon-free, sustainable and, perhaps most importantly, abundant.

Scotland is currently pioneering over 20 green and blue hydrogen projects spanning generation, transport and heating – many of which are world firsts. These, combined with our plentiful natural resources, energy expertise and highly skilled workforce, make us the natural supply chain partner to help your business harness hydrogen.

Benefits of buying hydrogen solutions from Scotland

Pioneering projects

As Europe’s energy capital, Scotland is already the world’s leading test bed for innovative hydrogen solutions. Right now, Scotland is pioneering over 20 green and blue hydrogen projects to deliver sustainable solutions for a brighter, greener future for all.

Scotland’s lead on hydrogen transport and energy solutions 

Rich in renewables

25% of Europe’s offshore wind resource crosses Scotland and 10% of Europe’s tidal energy flows around our coastline, meaning we have an abundance of low-cost wind and marine energy.

Highly skilled workforce

74% of industry leaders consider Scotland as one of world’s best training grounds, as our skilled workforce is trained to best-in-class Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO) standards. As well as this, 12 of Scotland’s universities are home to the Energy Technology Partnership, Europe’s largest energy research group made up of 250 academics and 600 researchers.

"There are many reasons that Scotland is the right choice for companies looking to develop hydrogen energy solutions. None more so than the fact that we have the raw energy potential and infrastructure to support the move towards the production and management of green and blue hydrogen at scale. With large quantities of hydrogen produced, it provides the potential to export the excess hydrogen to other markets."

David Holman, hydrogen and CCUS specialist

Successful Scottish hydrogen companies


Storegga is a strong and diverse team of energy professionals. They are at the helm of the Acorn Project, which has been designated a European Project of Common Interest for unlocking carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen infrastructure. 

Arcola Energy

Arcola is a leading specialist in hydrogen and fuel cell integration focused on zero-emission solutions for heavy-duty vehicles. In partnership with Optare Group Ltd, Arcola has built and launched a hydrogen fuel cell double decker bus for the UK and international markets.

Scotland showcased its first hydrogen-powered train to the world at COP26 created by a consortium of engineering and technology firms. The project leaders Arcola Energy were responsible for the hydrogen fuel cell system engineering, design and integration, as well as the project demonstration. The project forms the basis of future opportunities in climate technologies towards transport.

Logan Energy

Logan Energy were selected as the hydrogen technology partner for the 3.6 million EU-funded SEAFUEL project, which aims to demonstrate the sustainable integration of renewable fuels into transportation.

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