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Schools and education providers around the world are facing increasing disruption to education systems, such as teacher shortages, increasing workloads and disruptive classroom behaviour. We're also seeing a shift towards digital and distance learning. Scotland supports life-long learning and has some of the UK’s leading ed tech companies that can offer solutions to these needs.

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Education environment

Scotland has an excellent (and fully-funded) education system with tech embedded within everything from examinations to distance learning.


From artificial intelligence to gamification and learning platforms to AR/VR, innovation in education is happening in Scotland.

Global reputation for education

Scotland has a well-established global reputation for education with five Scottish universities ranked in the world’s top 200 according to the 2018 Times Higher Education rankings. This means five of Scotland’s institutions are in the top 1% of the world’s universities.

Scotland also has the one of the highest concentration of universities in Europe. For a small country, we’re big on talent and skills.

Robotical's Assistant Robotics Officer, Khaled Saad working on Marty the Robot.

Scotland's ed tech capabilities

There are an impressive range of capabilities in Scotland’s ed tech cluster, including companies that provide services to help with:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can help with jobs that humans find challenging when dealing with in large volumes. In ed tech, these include administration tasks, as well as where improvements in efficiency and personalisation are required.

Mixed reality and immersive content

Where learning is delivered in either augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) or an alchemy of the two - mixed reality (MR). It creates 3D immersive environments using a variety of technologies to encourage interaction and bring concepts to life.


This is where ed tech software uses gamification to motivate students to learn in a fun and sometimes competitive way.

Cloud-based Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Platforms where teachers can educate online as well as record engagement and track progress of the students.

Massive online open courses (MOOC)

Online courses that can be delivered online anywhere and completed at a students own pace.

Cyber security

Increasingly important in ed tech as schools need security measures to protect the large amount of data that they hold on their students.

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