Digital health and care

Healthcare providers, insurers and governments worldwide face complex challenges ahead, with ageing populations, a shift to value-based care and digitalization of the health and care industry. Scotland is a leading global partner in finding integrated solutions, helping you access the right companies developing sought-after digital healthcare innovations and technologies.

Talent, data and innovation

Scotland's integrated solutions for your digital healthcare and wellness needs


Scotland is home to one of Europe's largest life sciences hubs, with more than 750 organisations and fast-growing digital health and medtech community.


Scottish companies have access to extensive data sets across clinical pathways such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and genomics to develop data-driven, patient-focused digital solutions.

Digital Health and Care Institute

A hub to work together, co-design and transform ideas into digital health and care innovations with a £3m portfolio supporting 85 live projects, 150 partners, 5,000 patients and healthcare professionals.

Scotland’s data health and care environment

Scotland has a well-equipped supply chain, open to co-create integrated solutions for healthcare – from remote patient monitoring to AI solutions – our primary focus is on prevention, early intervention and self-management.

  • End-to-end data insights – a centralised healthcare system with personalised electronic health records covering the past 30 years, enriched by a stable population
  • A nation of innovators – pioneering keyhole surgery, the use of ultrasound and delivery of the world’s first liver, heart and lung transplant
  • Strength in numbers – a global reputation built on healthy partnerships between industry, universities, NHS and government

Digital health and medtech expertise in Scotland

Scotland's digital health ecosystem is underpinned by expertise in its core sciences and research and development excellence in areas of genomics, data sciences and technology. 

Scotland's enabling technologies, across wearables, mobile applications and electronic health records, build on these assets and expertise. This allows for a range of assisted living solutions through digital IT systems.

EnMovi Research and Development Centre at Inovo, Glasgow

Turning health data into clinical insights 

Scotland's well-established community of more than 250 digital health and medtech companies are experts in turning health data into clinical insights to help:

  • Improve patient health
  • Improve patient experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase impact and ROI
  • Streamline services

Being part of the European regulatory system means Scotland can develop and commercialise medtech much faster to benefit patients, typically 2-3 years ahead of the USA and 5 years ahead of Japan. 

Scotland’s digital health and wellness tech companies 

Scotland’s capabilities span the entire digital health ecosystem, including: 

Digital health systems - systems that produce healthcare data sets that provide health information tied to patient medical records and can connect these records securely across multiple platforms.  

Health analytics - software solutions and analytical capabilities needed to digest big data (including health data or billing data). 

mHealth - mobile phone and remote monitoring applications relating to health and/or wellbeing and connected wearable devices that allow patient care to move into a community setting and for assisted living. 

Telehealth and care - providing help and advice at a distance using technology and data, such as remote exchange of clinical data between a patient and their clinician. Scottish companies are addressing the challenges that exist in remote communities and how those communities access health and care services. 

12 Scottish digital health and wellness companies to watch

Find supply chain partners

From diagnostics to therapeutics, the Scottish Life and Chemical Sciences Directory is your gateway to over 1000 companies and organisations in Scotland. You can also read more about the Scottish life sciences community on the UK Healthcare Pavilion website

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