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Discover the quality ingredients and food and drink innovation that makes Scotland number one supplier among foodservice customers.

Did you know?

Scotland's top-quality produce is known around the world. For example, Scottish lobsters are on the menu in over 20 Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo alone and more whisky is sold in one month in France than Cognac in a whole year.

Protected status

Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb have Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

25% of exports

Scotch Whisky accounts for 21% of all UK food and drinks exports.

High quality

Scottish Salmon was the first foreign product to gain France’s prestigious 'Label Rouge' quality mark.

Scottish food and drink innovation

Scottish provenance, quality ingredients and creative flair

Scotland has a well-established reputation in food and drink production. Current innovations in menu development, production and market delivery are helping foodservice operators access a diverse range of sustainably sourced, quality ingredients. These enhance menus and increase creativity in the industry.

Chefs seek to discover, learn and create new menu items every day – from the latest cocktail creation to the newest plant-based burger.

Excellence in Scotch beef, lamb, seafood, salmon and alcoholic beverages such as whisky and gin makes Scotland’s supply chain a top choice for foodservice operators around the world.

Foodservice customers are drawn to Scotland’s diversity of high-quality produce and reputation in food innovation. Producers large and small work collaboratively with chefs to help them discover, create and offer new and innovative menu items.

Benefits of working with Scotland's foodservice suppliers

Leading through responsibility

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in every aspect of restaurant operations. Customers are beginning to consider this when choosing a restaurant, so promoting sustainability is crucial and Scottish producers can help.

From the depths of the Atlantic and North Sea, Scottish seafood is known and exported around the world. Responsibly and sustainably managed, seven of the top species have achieved MSC/ASC certification, meeting international best practice guidelines for certification and eco-labelling.

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Creating innovative food options for customers

Scotland’s producers continue to collaborate internationally with restaurants, hotel groups, cruise lines and other hospitality outlets to create solutions for today’s discerning consumers. Scottish producers play a role in developing customised products and solutions such as portion control, exciting flavour combinations and ‘new’ ingredients.

Scotland has a good mix of new, disruptive companies and older, established companies. They are putting innovation at the heart of their operations, creating products that capture the imagination of chefs and their guests.

And if you’re looking to fill a food niche or cater to more dietary requirements, Scotland’s suppliers can provide a wide range of innovative gluten free, organic, vegan and health foods to international markets.

Talking to customers

Diners want an experience they can’t create at home. That’s why Scotland’s approach to menu development and food innovation includes great customer relationships. Talking to customers and sharing ideas creates an exciting and rewarding culinary experience. 

Scottish foodservice companies

Wester Ross Salmon

What makes Wester Ross’ salmon unique is their ethical and sustainable approach to salmon farming. Wester Ross Fisheries is the oldest and only independent salmon farmer in the UK. Raised on an organic diet, their salmon are ready to be harvested after 22 months on the farm. No antibiotics, no growth promoters and no GMOs involved at any stage.

Porters Gin

With a passion for creating exciting drinks, Porters turned the basement of their bar in the North East of Scotland into one of the UK’s most innovative micro-distilleries. They built their own vacuum still, which distils botanicals at low temperatures, retaining their fresh, natural flavour. 


Vegware is the global specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging. Their award-winning products are known for their quality, performance and design. Vegware is sold in 70 countries, with distribution throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the Caribbean. They also have operational bases in the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Australia.

Quality Scottish food and drink products

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