Source Scottish goods and services

Scotland can supply you with an astonishing range of goods and services. From education and training, to wave-powered generators, high fashion tweeds, and the most delicious salmon and whisky you’ve ever tasted.


Scotland's education sector has a strong track record of working with overseas partners, through delivery of teaching, training and in-country provision.

Chef plating fish dish - Photo: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam

Food and drink

From world-renowned whiskies, award-winning meat and seafood, to craft gin and beer and innovative bakeries, Scotland is the home of quality and flavour.

Oil and gas

With decades of experience in oil and gas and abundant renewable energy resources, Scotland is the natural supply chain partner for your energy project.


Scotland's exceptional experience, unique offshore energy capabilities and unrivalled support, make us natural supply chain partner for renewable energy projects.


Scottish textiles have an outstanding track record on the international stage backed by a rich heritage, unrivalled creativity, innovation and collaboration.

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