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Innovators in diabetes management

Scotland is a world leader in helping diabetics manage their condition. From Lifescan in Inverness to Dexcom in Edinburgh, companies across Scotland continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in diabetes care.

Scotland's big data ecosystem

Scotland is the place to do great things with data. An environment bursting with innovation, a well-connected community, digital tech skills on tap, a future-proofed workforce, and competitive locations for startups.  

Brexit and Scotland's place in Europe

How will Brexit affect investment and trade with Scotland? We're actively engaged in EU networks and continue to strengthen our relationships with the Europe.

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Success Stories


Barclays’ plans for an exciting new 5000-person campus in Glasgow supports Scotland’s fantastic credentials as a major financial hub.


How Ecometrica's space tech developed in Edinburgh is protecting the planet.


Scottish company pureLiFi is redefining technology with a new method of wireless communication that will change how we access the internet.

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Publications and guides

Setting up in Scotland

Our guide to setting up in Scotland is a great place to start if you're considering Scotland for your next move.

Our Financial Services Expertise

Our guide to Scotland's Financial Services Expertise covers everything from talent to set up costs, plus handy facts, stats and case studies. 

Skills support guide

Scotland can offer the skills you need, and we can help you access those skills. Find out more in this guide. 

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Webinars for businesses outside Scotland

Our webinars can help you get a deeper insight into current opportunities in Scotland, including sector opportunities, funding opportunities and more. 

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