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We're always connected with the global financial landscape

Scotland is one of the most important European financial centres outside London, continually ranking as the best performing destination for inward investment outside of London for five years in a row since 2012, according to the EY Attractiveness Survey 2017.

Our talented and flexible workforce, modern infrastructure and great transport connections make Scotland the natural choice for international companies.

Always a country succeeding in the present, Scotland has a strong, connected community of professional advisers and suppliers.

Strong track record of investment

Scotland’s beauty isn't its only attraction

Scotland is internationally recognised as a financial services centre, attracting a significant number of the world's top financial organisations.

Scotland was ranked as the best performing region for inward investment outside of London in the UK by Ernst & Young Global Investment Report in 2014 and is a major location for companies to locate their financial services operations.

That's why firms including Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, Tesco Bank, Santander and JP Morgan have a home, and continue to invest in Scotland

Read some of the company success stories below to find out why Scotland was the right choice for their business.

Connect with Scotland's talent

Could Scotland manage your assets?

Asset management is an area of significant strength for Scotland

Scottish Financial Enterprise estimates its members manage around £800 billion of assets. Six of the top ten asset servicing companies have significant operations in Scotland:

  • BlackRock
  • BNY Mellon
  • Citigroup
  • State Street
  • Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Baillie Gifford

Aberdeen Asset Management is now one of the biggest asset managers outside of the US. In this video Chief Investment Officer, Anne Richards, considers how asset management in Scotland is going from strength to strength.

Scotland's talented workforce

Talent is ever-present in Scotland. Here and now.

Access the people, skills and technology to help build your business

There are more reasons than ever why companies like yours can connect with the right people for their operations in Scotland. The financial and fintech industries in Scotland employs over 85,400 people, contributing £7 billion to the UK’s GDP.

Complementing its home to over 600 financial and business service companies, Scotland also has 19 higher education institutes with over 280,000 students. Many of them graduate with skills that are ideally linked to the financial and fintech sectors.

An environment that drives business efficiency

Improving effectiveness and efficiency, whilst driving innovation and competitiveness, is a driver of Scotland’s financial services sector.

Combine that with a thriving cluster of new and experienced businesses, underpinned by world-class infrastructure as well as European and UK financial legislation, and Scotland is the obvious choice for you.

With one of Europe's lowest tax rates and a range of funding and help available in a supportive business environment, Scotland offers an attractive nearshore location for your financial services operation.

Scotland has strong connections with financial institutions in the City of London but can offer a cost-base 25%-50% lower than London, Paris or Frankfurt.

(Source: Financial Times, FDI Benchmark Tool 2015)

New technologies mean new challenges and solutions

We’re here to help you navigate new territory or connect you to the right people.

From smart technology to security to data analytics, the transformative trends in financial services are significant. Scotland has the skills and support available to help your business overcome the challenges and embrace the opportunities.

Scottish companies and universities can help you navigate these tricky challenges by providing and implementing solutions to help improve your company’s efficiency, productivity and growth.

A good example of one of these solutions is in the ‘big data’ technology space, with Scotland’s Big Data Lab helping companies make the most of the opportunities on offer.

Could Scotland’s Data Lab help your business?


Scotland is the logical location

Choosing somewhere to expand and diversify is a vital decision not just now, but many years down the line. 

For financial and fintech companies, Scotland provides excellent connectivity, including five international airports with transport links across the UK, Europe and North America. Scotland also has the highest average fixed broadband speed for the UK, according to a 2018 Ookla speedtest report.

Additionally, with a range of funding and help available in a supportive business environment, Scotland offers an attractive nearshore location for your financial services operation.

Scotland has strong connections with financial institutions in the City of London but can offer a cost-base that's 25 to 50 per cent lower than London, Paris or Frankfurt. 

(Source: Financial Times, FDI Benchmark Tool )

Companies investing in Scotland benefit from our talented workforce and have easy access to other financial and business centres across Europe and the rest of the world.

International sector head for financial and business services - Sharon Hamilton

Pioneering, innovative, world-class. For centuries Scotland has represented the very best in financial services. We still do - isn't it time your company joined us?

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