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Grow and go global

We can help your business expand further once you're in Scotland

Our dedicated account team will continue to work closely with you to ensure further expansion opportunities for your business are identified and acted upon early.

Scottish Enterprise provides training and support to all high growth companies based in Scotland.

Its unique account management service is available to companies demonstrating substantial growth potential that will significantly impact the Scottish economy. This ongoing, tailored, strategic support encourages innovative and dynamic behaviour to achieve mutually beneficial business and economic growth.

Export and trade opportunities from Scotland

And once you're located in Scotland, why stop there? Scotland's connections with the rest of the world make it an ideal location to do business from and we're committed to boosting Scotland's exports.

Our international development support can help you identify opportunities, so your business can expand further into global markets.

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Unleash your innovative ideas

If you've got an idea that'll make the world a smarter, greener or more efficient place to live, locating to Scotland could help make it happen.

With a range of services and funding available to help develop your products and services, Scotland is the natural home for innovative companies.

Tax incentives and grants, like Scottish Enterprise's R&D Grant and SMART: SCOTLAND are potentially available to help develop R&D projects.

If you're looking for collaboration in this area, Scotland's universities are renowned for driving R&D and innovation. We can help you harness this expertise by connecting you to the appropriate establishments, ready to work with companies like yours.

Find out what's available on the Scottish Enterprise website

The i-limb ultra revolution

Scotland's Enterprise Areas

Make the most of Scotland's modern infrastructure with our dedicated Enterprise Areas.

To maximise development and increase your company's return on inward investment, certain areas of Scotland have been designated Enterprise Areas. 

Scotland's Enterprise Areas cover sixteen sites across the country. Locate in one of these and your business can benefit in several ways:

  • Discounted business rates (up to 100%) available at 14 sites OR 
  • Enhanced capital allowances for investment in plant and machinery at three sites 
  • A streamlined approach to planning 
  • High speed broadband connections 
  • Skills and training support to fully capitalise on the employment opportunities created

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Improve your business practices

Support to develop your management team and make your business more efficient

Changing the way you work needn't be disruptive. Be inspired to raise your company’s sights and ambitions once you're in Scotland. Scottish Enterprise provides a number of services that can help take your business to a new level

Develop your management team

There are services available designed for business leaders and managers who want to develop their leadership skills. These include management-level training and development programmes and business mentoring opportunities.

Improve your business practices

Improve your business efficiency and increase profits without disrupting day-to-day working. Scottish Enterprise provides expert advice, one-to-one support, training, events and funding to help companies in Scotland:

  • Achieve sustainable growth
  • Make the most of the low carbon economy
  • Increase productivity

The Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) designs and delivers tailored manufacturing improvement support. The team consists of industry specialists with experience in troubleshooting across multiple technologies and sectors, providing hands-on experience in:

  • Process improvement
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Innovation
  • Allied disciplines

More about these services on the Scottish Enterprise website

Investment for jobs

Will your project create or safeguard jobs in Scotland?

If so, Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) could be an option. Foreign companies can apply for RSA as long as they have a base in Scotland and the impact RSA has on employment helps to ensure Scotland’s economy remains globally competitive.

The amount offered depends on the:

  • Size of your business
  • Location of the project
  • Amount needed for the project go ahead

Hear how NewGalexy received RSA to support the creation of Scotland's first legal process outsourcing (LPO) centre - guaranteeing Scotland's entry into this thriving and lucrative global industry.

Get the people with the skills you need to grow

TalentScotland's services are simple and free

All you need to do is register and TalentScotland can help you:

  • Gain access to a network of international skilled professionals already considering working in Scotland
  • Promote your company to thousands of specialised professionals globally
  • Highlight job opportunities
  • Get information about recruiting skilled people from abroad to work in your organisation

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Discover a Scotland full of wonderful surprises.

International operations director - Neil Francis

Scotland is now. It's live. It's brimming with opportunity. And here for the taking. With offices all over the world, our knowledgeable staff can talk you through how your business can benefit from the country's many capabilities and the funding support that may be available to you.

SDI will help you identify premises and investment opportunities. And we'll also help you access funding to help create jobs, research and development and training programmes.

Why not contact us? Please tell us what you have in mind. A specialist from your region or sector will get back to you. Or you can call us.

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