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US satellite telecoms firm Mangata signals Scotland for international growth

Last updated: March 2021

Mangata, an American company specialising in satellite-enabled telecommunications services, has signalled its substantial ambitions for a European research and development hub in Scotland, giving a further boost for Scotland’s booming space sector.

Scotland a ‘natural choice’ for space tech

Tapping into Scotland’s local skills and talent, Mangata Networks LLC will establish a research and development (R&D) centre in Edinburgh to develop its innovative satellite-based communication technologies. Supporting its decision, the company received a £3.6 million award from Scotland’s national economic development agency, Scottish Enterprise.

The project will also enhance Scotland’s space capability and global offering, strengthening the country’s position as a leader in the space industry.

"Scotland is a unique and spirited country whose culture of inclusion and open-mindedness soundly reverberates with our mission," says Brian Holz, CEO and founder of Mangata (pictured).

"We're impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the Scottish people we meet and by the sense of camaraderie they instill in all that they do. With the skills and available local talent, picking Scotland as our European hub was a natural choice."

He adds: “We're having rich ongoing conversations with the Scottish 5G Centre and share a common will to engage with the Scottish public. This is just the beginning of a long friendly partnership, and we relish at the prospect of the wonderful things we will achieve together.”

Brian Holz, CEO of Mangata, pictured in Arizona

Brian Holz, CEO and founder of Mangata

Affordable satellite connectivity

Headquartered in Arizona, Mangata’s ground-breaking technology can either host communications on its own platform or integrate it into existing networks. The company intends to offer affordable satellite connectivity that can be seamlessly integrated into any global network.

Mangata’s proposed solution has application potential across several sectors including maritime, aerospace (aeromobility), energy and internet of things (IoT). The firm’s technology will also enhance Scotland’s proposition in the 5G communication sectors, leading to potential collaborative working and supply chain opportunities for domestic-based companies.

Our valuable support

Mangata’s decision to locate in Edinburgh was supported by our team who hosted its founder (pre-Covid) several times in Scotland, introducing them to key stakeholders and showcasing the best of industry and academia.

Our director of global investment, Mark Hallan said: "Mangata is at the cutting edge of the space and communication sectors and their plans to locate, invest and significantly grow in Scotland with our support are incredibly exciting.

"The company’s decision to open an R&D centre in Edinburgh is also yet another vote of confidence in our space industry. Mangata had several global options for its R&D centre, so it’s wonderful the company chose Scotland to anchor its European operations.

"Despite the difficulties caused by Covid-19, Scotland remains very much open for business and our talented colleagues across the world will continue to highlight why our country remains such an extraordinary proposition to invest in, particularly in priority sectors such as the space industry."

Scotland top UK location for space tech

Scotland's space sector is rising faster than anywhere else in the UK, aiming to grow in value to £4 billion by 2030. Almost one fifth of all UK jobs in the space sector are based in Scotland.

Paul Coffey, CEO at The Scotland 5G Centre opens in a new window , said: "The opportunities for Scotland from satellite communications are enormous, particularly as the pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of digital connectivity. Mobile operators and internet service providers will be able to complement their traditional connectivity in areas that have been historically difficult to serve.

"We look forward to supporting Mangata via our S5GConnect Innovation labs as they develop and test their hybrid 5G / satellite service."

Sustainable growth

An initial 38 jobs will be created by Mangata as part of an initial £10.5 million investment by the company in Scotland. Longer-term, Mangata aims to establish Scotland as the centre of its European operations, which could see significant further investment, growth and employment opportunities.

Space has an important role to play as we build a sustainable, high skilled and globally competitive economy. Scotland already punches above its weight, with 8,000 people directly employed in the industry and Glasgow alone builds more small satellites than any other city in Europe.

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