Interns, apprentices and graduates in Scotland

Recruiting interns, apprentices and graduates can help you get the best talent people for your business.


Interns are usually graduates or undergraduates who take part in a paid or unpaid placement programme as part of their educational course. An internship can last a few weeks to a year, depending on your business requirements. Whether the intern is entitled to be paid will depend on the type of placement and work they are doing.

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Apprenticeships can help you train new staff or enhance the skills of your existing employees.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) supports thousands of apprenticeships each year in over 80 different areas – from healthcare and financial services to construction and IT. SDS contributes towards the cost of training, and work with you to make sure the apprenticeship meets your needs.

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You can choose from three different types of apprenticeship programmes in Scotland:

  • Foundation apprenticeships with local schools
  • Modern apprenticeships
  • Graduate level apprenticeships

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Scotland has the highest educational attainment in the UK and the highest concentration of universities in Europe, giving you access to a skilled workforce. The career departments of colleges and universities in Scotland can help you find work-ready graduates and alumni with the right qualifications for your business.

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